Business Dolls


Yikes! If you keep  a self-doll in your office, you should be getting ‘the business’ from your co-workers.


via I have seen the whole of the internet.

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  1. Then there is the shirt – even in the 70’s that would have been considered ridiculous.
    And he uses a tea cup!
    I bet he drove an AMC pacer because he thought it looked “modern”…

  2. I used to have a doll in my office, but instead of representing me it was the company real estate / office manager. It had a lot of pins sticking in it and a nail through its head.

  3. Oh, wait. . . that’s a book. . . . for 50 cents. . . . out of some leftovers bin, I presume. And the. . . . uhhh. . .. “dude”?. .. in the picture doesn’t look any too happy in the first place.
    Epic Fail.

  4. That shirt is Disco 70s.

    At least it isn’t a Nehru jacket or a Nehru collared shirt.

    I’m sure nothing much of Nehru would have happened without the Beatles.

  5. I used to look back on the ’70s as a big joke, but what a great time it was.

    Music was so good that we still listen to it.

    Only 3-5 TV channels, but still entertaining.

    I was too young to realize we had a crappy president and economy.

    I pity the kids growing up with this awful ‘new normal’ of 2016. Hoping and voting for better this November.

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