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Not Sure Where or Why This Picture Was Taken

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  1. Sin Clair took the photo, either him or Reggie.
    How the fuck did he ever become POTUS? I’m still scratching my head when I think of it. It’s like a recurring nightmare with me.

  2. Not sure but I think the picture was taken at Exit Glacier in Alaska (by Seward). The sign represents where the glacier was in 1969. The wife and I where there last summer.

  3. # 69 was the beef and broccoli on the menu for Chinese food which the new Chinese bride’s husband mistakenly thought she wanted. What a maroon, believe me pal she wanted the real thing not beef and broccoli so I’d say you blew your chance for good sex on your wedding night. I’ll always remember where I first heard the term 69, it was from watching Billy Jack. of course at the time I was still young and naïve and didn’t know what it referred to at the time.

  4. This picture was taken because this man is a child. And now America is suffering because of this.

  5. Well, if he stood next to a sign with the Federal debt on it, there wouldn’t be room for his lame self in the frame.

  6. Later this month he’s going to dedicate the nation’s first gay monument—Stonewall. It happened in 1969. He’s giddy about all the homo sex that’s going to take place as a result.

  7. Who in their right mind would wear a shirt three times too big in public?
    Maybe it was Reggie’s shirt.

  8. That’s his avatar for his new life after fucking over America.
    (that’s right, you’re paying for that too)

    sign-in name: Peter Eater

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