BarbWire: In her recent foreign policy speech, hailed by the media, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “If Donald [Trump] gets his way, they’ll be celebrating in the Kremlin. We cannot let that happen.” But as veteran correspondent David Satter points out, the celebrations began when Mrs. Clinton launched a “reset” in Russian relations in 2009 that ignored the criminal nature of the regime in Moscow and led to the invasion of Ukraine.

“It began as we know with a mistranslation of the word ‘reset’ and I think went downhill from there,” Satter said, referring to her photo-op with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Satter’s new book, The Less You Know, the Better You Sleep, is the result of years of research that has uncovered some of the most closely-held state secrets of the Vladimir Putin regime. Putin came to power “as the result of an act of terror carried out against his own people,” he explained.

He discussed his dramatic findings in a recent speech at the Heritage Foundation.  MORE


  1. Sadly, we no longer have American leaders (including presidents, congressmen, senators and bureaucrats) who think about America as a collection of good, solid people depending on our “leaders” doing what is best for the country and its own citizens.

    The evidence has been weighed and it is proven beyond doubt that we now have nothing more than greed driven grifters that falsely claim to represent our interests while they are only interested in what they can gain for themselves out of their supposed “public service”.

    Washington, DC as it exists today needs to be destroyed down to the last brick and bone if America as an ideal is to survive. Our national capital is full of evil, power hungry, greedy, self serving scum that has no concern for anyone other than themselves.

    Message to the RNC – for good or bad, this is why Donald Trump is the presidential nominee for the Republican party. You treasonous bastards have sold us out for the last time with your continuous lies and obfuscations. The time is fast approaching that honest, decent Americans will refuse to allow criminal invaders of any stripe to live better than we do off of the sweat of our own brow so that scum like you can continue to personally pad your own bank accounts while our accounts are running dry from supporting people that have “no skin in the game” and shouldn’t even be in this country.

    History proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary Clinton will be more of the same (lying and selling out America to the highest bidder for her own personal benefit).

    At least with Trump we still have some sliver of hope that America will once again be a moral and economic “shining city on the hill” that others should and would want to emulate rather than a “piggy bank” for narcissistic, self-serving, corrupt assholes to plunder for their own personal greed and self aggrandizement.

  2. @Bubba’s Brother.

    Damn that was eloquently dead on. I was surfing earlier and came across C-Span. They were showing a Senate session in progress, voting on a Zika bill. A bunch of ’em were just standing around chatting as if planning their next get together at The Hamptons. I thought to myself, “So this is the greatest body in the world? A bunch of spineless bastards who have this hedge of protection around them, who know none of what I’ve been going through and how I struggle to maintain paying my bills as I raise three kids. I hope soon God smites them all.” Minus Jeff Sessions and the like, of course.

    For those #NeverTrumpers reading this I say this!


  3. Thanks Jerry. Back when the founders were doing their thing, they pledged their own fortunes and futures to bequeath us a novel idea that had never been sucessfully tried throughout history. A nation that was governed of, by and for the people so that the people controlled their own destiny through their faith, perseverance and hard work. Nothing was guaranteed except the effort made by all who joined in that sacred pact.

    It’s sad how far we have strayed from their vision.

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