Butticheeks Shuns Public Transit, Takes SUV Convoy to Pizza Hut for Bicycle Purchase – IOTW Report

Butticheeks Shuns Public Transit, Takes SUV Convoy to Pizza Hut for Bicycle Purchase


Pete Buttigieg’s days as a bike share customer may have come to an end. The transportation secretary purchased his very own bicycle last week in the parking lot of a Pizza Hut in Washington, D.C.

Regrettably, the failed candidate’s fondness for self-propelled transportation was overshadowed by his lust for environmental violence. According to an account of the transaction posted on social media, Buttigieg arrived at the Pizza Hut in a convoy of at least four government SUVs spewing deadly carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. read more

23 Comments on Butticheeks Shuns Public Transit, Takes SUV Convoy to Pizza Hut for Bicycle Purchase

  1. And I’ll be darned! He looks like less of a sissy than Obama on a bicycle. Dork is a step up from sissy right?

  2. It’s got one of those “special” seats.

  3. @Lt. You mean one of those with the “appendage” sticking vertically out of it?

  4. Imagine, if you will, a group of people that are so utterly disgusting….

    ….that they have to make laws making it illegal to hate them.

  5. Canadian Politician Jack Layton used to get driven by a government a vehicle to around the corner of Parliament where he would hop on his Bicycle and arrive for the photos ops etc.

    He did it many times and lived in a government assisted complex.

  6. FFS, he bought a bike from a Pizza Hut parking lot? Who does that?
    Oh, well, he is little and gay, so I guess it is business as usual to carry out transactions on the downlow.

  7. Bi-sexcicle.

    Want to bet that he is expensing it and not paying out of pocket?

    It’s the socialist way.

  8. A tandem bike would seem like the obvious choice.

    Maybe Chasten can explain.

  9. @Gonad – that is so perfect. And applicable to every single special-interest group under the sun.

    I get showing up in a vehicle, possible that he wouldn’t have everything he needed to hop on and ride it home. But my other thought was ‘If John Kerry had a son…’

  10. Well… Where is Chastens’ Asshole’s Comment? I mean this post is right in his wheelhouse. Hell it could almost be acceptable in this thread instead of soiling other posts… *shrug*

  11. He’ll ship the seat off to Jackass Joe to sniff for a few weeks who will then send it on to Barney Frank…

  12. Let me guess … he bought Obola’s old bicycle?

    ID’d it be sniffing the seat?

    “Hmmm … a complex aroma of feces, Erdogan’s jizz, Preparation H, Reggie’s spit, Valerie Jarrett’s foot, and Moose’s fist.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. @Ted

    Chasten’s too busy to comment – he’s down at the border welcoming the invaders with open legs.

    …ai Senor…you can fock my ass, OK?

  14. @LuvntheBIGsites

    Chasten is unpre-dick-table and a bit cheeky. You never know when he is coming out of the closet for a comment.

  15. What I liked about all of this is Lying Joe claiming ad nauseam, that he isn’t raising taxes on anyone who makes under $400k a year.

    In a month and a half, here is Peter Puffer saying he wants to have the federal gas tax match to inflation from 1993.


    Who wants $10-15 a gallon gas? Anyone who makes under $400k?

    Don’t be surprised when Petie tries to fuck you in the ass, Joe. It’s what he does.

  16. I bet the first thing he did was remove the seat.

  17. Buttgaggle:

    I ride my bike, I roller thkate, don’t drive no car
    Don’t go too fath but I go pretty far
    For thombody who don’t drive, I been all around the world
    Some people thay, I done all right for a girl

  18. Surprised the bicycle did not have training wheels!

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