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Andrew Cuomo Still Has A Bottle And “Blankie” For Company

Red State

It also seems pretty clear that that at this point his [NY Governor Andrew Cuomo] backers have removed any protective support that has enabled him to get away with everything for years.

All of this is clearly weighing on him despite his effort to spin and suggest he’s just somehow a victim of “cancel culture.” Thirty women have now come alleged that they were bullied, harassed or sexually assaulted by Cuomo.

A Reuters picture hit the wires today and it just encapsulated the weight now on top of him. More

14 Comments on Andrew Cuomo Still Has A Bottle And “Blankie” For Company

  1. Linus Cuomo can run but he can’t hide from the facts. That is an amazing picture, by the way. Says it all….

  2. Come on stop picking on democrats, they’re smarter than the average worker peasant. This will blow over, till they find someone with a R behind his/her/its name to attack, its just a matter of days.

  3. the “blankie” is probably a souvenir stolen from a former nursing home patient.

  4. Cuomo thought that he could handle the mantle of being a mass murderer. I think not. It’s making him insane.

  5. How can they be “alleged” if we have to “believe all women?”

  6. He’s gotta fist full of dollars for the good, bad and ugly women who are every which way but loose!

  7. Hard to tell who to root for here. The women impress me as just fine with it up until it became obvious that keeping their wagon hitched to this particular horse was not getting them where they wanted to go. Unfortunately, as we have seen in the example of Vice President Hoover this can go both ways.

    I have twice worked in a business where an easy pussy had screwed her way to untouchable status and no more manipulative See You Next Tuesday’s has it ever been my displeasure to have been around.

  8. I have to admit, the man loves a cover-up.

    @JDHasty It does smack of an opportune use of “Me Too.” There is also a legitimate fear of reprisal for democrats accusing democrats, so the accusations become an avalanche when they perceive the personal cost of telling the truth has been lowered.

    Like most situations with democrats, there often is no “good guy” when there’s a “D” next to his or her or zhers name.

  9. The big takeaway from all this? Cuomo is rather pathetic with women.

  10. Linus don’t need no stinkin blanket no more…
    last week he bought a GLOCK.

  11. Awwww, isn’t the wittle baby so cute wiff his binkie & bottle?

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