LA County Sheriff Says Recall DA Gascon – IOTW Report

LA County Sheriff Says Recall DA Gascon


Sheriff Alex Villanueva called into the John & Ken Show today to announce his support to recall LA District Attorney George Gascon.

Listen to Sheriff Villanueva articulate why Gascon’s policies are tragic for LA County public safety. more


Gascon Accuses Recall Proponents of Using Victims in ‘Unconscionable’ Ways.

Jennifer Van Laar, managing editor of Red State has an exclusive look to the despicable mindset of LA County District Attorney George Gascon.

Jennifer was sent a secretly recorded video of a zoom meeting with some creeps who identify only as local Democrats.

Listen to Jennifer talk to John & Ken about what she heard and what she saw. Gascon blames “KFI talk shows” for spreading misinformation and also dismisses recall efforts more

6 Comments on LA County Sheriff Says Recall DA Gascon

  1. Happy to say I left that rat-hole many years ago.

  2. Gascon is beyond despicable. But voters knew that.
    Villanueva isn’t perfect, he had to get elected by an overwhelmingly liberal population, but does the right thing most of the time. A huge improvement over his predecessor and a massive thorn for L.A. County Board of Supervisors.

  3. Did the people really elect him or was it voter or machine fraud? I find it hard to believe people vote for reps with known flaws like ties to communists or terrorists, spouse cheaters, flagrant law breakers, oath breakers and just plain liars. Now they’re being installed as cabinet members.

  4. like i said in another post

    “we need to implement nationwide recalls at all govt levels from dog catcher on up … yesterday

    whether you have kids or not, I encourage you to go to a school board meeting, it will make you want to do something about the mess we’re in”

  5. Gascon didnt ‘win’ shit. No one i LA even knew who this lunatic was. Total voter fraud.

  6. Advice to all. Stay out of LA. It is not safe. Spend your money outside this city. Money talks. Ask any politician.

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