Byron York: Democrats think they’ve got a slam dunk obstruction case against Trump. They don’t.

Wa Ex:

On Wednesday, House Democrats will have a chance to breathe life into the Mueller report. Relatively few Americans have read the 448-page document in which special counsel Robert Mueller concluded the evidence did not establish that the Trump campaign and Russia engaged in a conspiracy or coordination to fix the 2016 election, and also declined to conclude whether or not President Trump obstructed justice. Democrats know the report has failed to capture the public imagination, and they hope bringing Mueller to Capitol Hill for questioning will catch the nation’s attention.

“Not everybody is reading the book, but people will watch the movie,” a House Judiciary Committee official told Politico’s Playbook.

Mueller’s testimony will be divided between the Judiciary Committee and the House Intelligence Committee. Judiciary will focus on Volume II of the report, which covered allegations of obstruction, and Intelligence will pursue Volume I, on conspiracy and coordination.

Democrats on the Intel committee will have the harder job, given the failure to establish conspiracy or coordination. So it’s likely most eyes will be focused on Judiciary. Many Democrats, and many in the press, believe the Mueller report proved the president obstructed justice. The report listed a number of episodes of possible obstruction, and according to press reports, Democratic aides recently told reporters the Judiciary Committee will focus on the top five.

“Democrats…intend to dwell heavily on five of the most glaring episodes of possible obstruction of justice that Mr. Mueller documented,” the New York Times reportedSaturday. “They include Mr. Trump’s direction to the former White House counsel Donald F. McGahn II to fire Mr. Mueller and then publicly lie about it; his request that Corey Lewandowski, a former campaign chief, ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reassert control of the investigation and limit its scope; and possible witness tampering to discourage two aides, Paul Manafort and Michael D. Cohen, from cooperating with investigators.”

It’s unclear whether there are actually five topics, or just three big topics with additional subheadings, but whatever the case, many Democrats believe they can make an overwhelming case against Trump. One committee Democrat promised to NBC that the Mueller hearing will highlight “truly shocking evidence of criminal misconduct by the president — not once, but again and again and again.”

But will it? It could be that the Mueller hearing, rather than showcasing a slam-dunk case against the president on obstruction of justice, will highlight how tenuous, subject to interpretation, and difficult to prove Mueller’s allegations really are.

What’s not there

The first thing to notice about the Democrats’ choice of evidence is what is not included. more here

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  1. The only thing Trump obstructed was to block Hillary’s pantsuited self from getting into the White House and her name in the history books as America’s first female president.

    That’s not an impeachable offense-that’s a blessing.

  2. the only reason the D’Rats are holding these hearings is in the hope (& its a faaaaar stretch) that somehow something said will make enough sense to the majority of the voting public that will tip the scales for support of Impeachment

    Jerry Waddler (The Penguin) has already tipped his ‘evidence of obstruction’ & Muleface is just partisan fool enough to stupidly go along w/ it … there’s gonna be a lot of ‘appearance’, ‘possibility’, ‘likelihood’, ‘discussions’, ‘lead-to-believe’, ‘concluded’ nonsense that Media will jump on to say there’s ‘proof’ that Trump ‘obstructed’ & should be Impeached!

    it’s all they’ve got … the steady drumbeat of the ‘progressives’ … nothing

  3. Every time I read [Democrats on the Intel Committee] I can’t avoid a quick laugh – every time my first thought is it must be a group of democrats given the mission statement to find someone with at least a little bit of intelligence. Since they’re so lacking in it themselves, they don’t have a clue where or how to start looking or how-to recognize it.

  4. I would not be surprised if Mueller’s appearance will be delayed/cancelled at the last moment. The Dems have to realize that the Republicans will also be able to ask questions. Unless the Republicans give the job of asking questions to RINO’s, it will not go well for them Dems. If the Dems stack the deck restricting what the Republicans can ask, or if they can ask any questions at all, there will be hell to pay. It is a hot summer. People’s patience is just about exhausted.

    If they want a war then it may as well begin now.

  5. They want to tie up all the committees, the DoJ and the FBI with all this crap in order to wind their way out of time for anyone to truly investigate them.

  6. We’ve witness a never ending conga line of republicans coming before committee’s and being brow beaten since Trumps inauguration. Yet to date, despite there being an avalanche of evidence of widespread corruption in the last administration there’s yet to be anyone of the perpetrators held accountable.
    Sorry but I’m completely sick of the one sided momentum. Nothing but speculation about the present investigations and perpetually postponed reports.
    This has been going on for 3 years and nothing as a result.
    We’re being played.

  7. Trump wanted Mueller removed because of conflicting interests, not because he was getting close to evidence against Trump. There was a conflict of interest and that conflict is easier to see than what they were trying to get on Trump.

  8. Obstruction of justice at a Federal level takes place almost daily with everything from sanctuary cities as a whole to individual politicians on every level from city to Federal doing all they can to protect illegals from deportation even after they have been court ordered to be deported.

    Maybe someone should point that out to Republicans so they can pursue appropriate legal actions against them.


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