Michigan Democrat, Now Trump Supporter

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As the week begins, it’s worthwhile reemphasizing the value of President Trump, and how the focused, albeit at times pragmatic, policy is received by the larger U.S. electorate.   This interview is representative of the silent majority voice; some silent no more:

7 Comments on Michigan Democrat, Now Trump Supporter

  1. Trump is not Republican, Trump is not a D’Rat … this is why the Establishment fears him so much … & wants to stop him …. from BOTH sides!
    the D’Rats are Communists masquerading as Socialists. the Republicans are One Worlders

    Trump is an American … for America first!

    the People recognize it

  2. Please oh please let there be enough of this new silent majority to beat the cheating and fraud that’ll happen in 2020.

    I always hope King County here might wake up because of the crazies on the city council and their complete failure to deal with the homeless, the head tax, traffic etc…I just think it’s too far gone now. 😟

  3. The bureaucracy exists to perpetuate the bureaucracy

    Anyone who comes along and fixes anything, well, that means the bureaucracy can’t expand forever to pretend to fix it, and politicians can’t campaign on as many issues.

    It’s all a scam.

  4. I always like a thoughtful person, who takes their time to respond with no “ums, ahs, or likes”.


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