Over a Dozen Men Pitch-In to Help Man Trapped in Overturned Pickup Truck

People are good to one another when we aren’t divided by race and politics.

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  1. …I get the impulse and admire the industry and caring, but DAMN, I’m glad that fellow in the truck didn’t have a fractured vertebrae or an impaled object, ’cause these well-meaning men could have EASILY finished him off by flipping the truck up.with him flopping around inside…

    …rescues are situational, but absent a compelling reason for a rapid extracation without prior neck/spine stabilization, like a fire, arrest, or present hazard of some type, one like THIS may do more harm than good, as adreniline may prevent even the VICTIM from understanding how seriously injured they are, and things like shocked neck muscles naturally splinting damaged cervical vertabrae won’t last long as the muscles WILL relax eventually, and it may not be a pleasant revelation when they DO…

  2. “People are good to each other when we
    are not divided by race and politics” That is the
    key.That is EXACTLY why the NWO/COMMIES work
    tirelessly to DIVIDE US BY RACE & POLITICS.

  3. Damn right, Supernightshade.

    We (we nothing, I wasn’t there) had a cat who mushed his skull on an Armco barrier. He was fine. Actually he was toast. He was fine until they removed his his helmet. He knew his name, he knew his SSN, and his mother’s maiden name.

    Awful. I’ll stick with fixing engines, telephones and shit. My wife is inured to it. Inured. What a horrible fucking word.

  4. stupid observations: 1. who were those guys in the opposing lane that stopped? … some sort of ‘black ops’?, gubmint leo’s?, funeral home vehicles?
    2. why’d that ‘rescue worker’ have to pause to get his trousers on? hilarious

    & @supernightshade ~ not every situation is critical. I understand, better than most, about spinal injuries, but it appeared that the driver was communicative & aware. it is possible, as he appeared cognizant, that he was aware of his injuries/non-injuries … we, as detached observers, are not … as you say, situational awareness … can’t be judged

  5. My wife comes home and says, “We lost an 8 month old, and a 32 year old.”

    You emergency workers are the finest people on the planet. You EMTs, you Firefighters, you Police, you helicopter pilots.

    I fixed telephones and kicked a goat.

    I was pretty proud of being a telephone man. I’m not less proud of it, but my wife deals with shit I simply can’t deal with.

  6. “…why’d that ‘rescue worker’ have to pause to get his trousers on?”

    Those are protective pants, which come attached to boots; firefighters use them. I assume it would be to protect him from broken glass, gasoline spills, unknown possible toxic waste, etc., in case he had to crawl on the ground or into the vehicle in order to effect the rescue. Probably standard procedure for professionals.

  7. Anonymous
    JULY 22, 2019 AT 10:58 PM

    “Awful. I’ll stick with fixing engines, telephones and shit. My wife is inured to it. Inured. What a horrible fucking word.”

    …don’t be too sure about thst, @Anonymous. One thing that comes with the uniform, if you’re going to survive the tragedy and be at all useful, is an ability to compartmentalize. You roll up on terrible injuries, horrendous abuse, and vile bodily secretions, but you can’t allow yourself the normal human reactions of yelling, screaming, puking, beating molesters to death, etc, because THAT ain’t gonna help NO one.

    So you go to the professional, clinical place in your mind where you let training and cold logic rule your actions, dealing with the situation at hand as though it WERE an engine you were fixing, not a human being bleeding to death in fear and screaming agony, because if you get humanly involved in EVERY ONE of the dozens of tragedys you can be invited to in a single shift, you won’t be able to function and will be as useless as a looky-lou standing on the street corner or a panicky parent who’s just pushing the Lego deeper.

    You also don’t let fear into that compartment, fear of personal danger or personal failure that you won’t be equal to the task. You can’t afford to.

    From that place, it’s possible to suction the airway of the choking elderly stroke patient even as the police, who followed you in because it gave them an excuse to get to the dope-dealing son, roll around with him on the floor, maybe with weapons, and practically up your back as you deal with this dying man. From that place, you can give respirations by mouth-to-mouth to that baby you KNOW has menegitis, but even your smallest BVM won’t fit, until he pukes in your mouth (not uncommom in artifical respiration situations), you spit it out, and go back to it so he doesn’t die. From that place, you can comfort the juvenile rape patient who faked a siezure on the sidewalk so someone would take her away from the father who was raping her. From there, you can look at the motorcyclist who ripped his scrotum off going over the handlebars, the awesomely fit 20 year old who died during a midnight basketball game when an undiagnosed aortic aneurysm blew out, the cop who ate his gun while leaving a note to take care of his K9 partner, the baby that Mom used for an airbag during a car accident where she was stupidly holding it instead of having it in a car seat.

    You can do this, and more, without going screaming into the night, from that place.

    But all that’s still there.

    You pushed it aside for the emergency, but it’s part of you forever. You take it home and turn it over in the night, while others sleep, especially the bad ones or the ones you think you could have done better.

    And some of them haunt you.

    There are some things that, even decades later, I would not drag out of the darkness and share with my wife of many years, my better half and love of my life, even though she was by my side for some of it. Some things she couldn’t understand because she never had to live with it, so they don’t get shared outside the fraternety of providers, but others are just too awful, and still others just destroy your faith in mankind.

    Which is why that policeman, and many like him, ate his gun.

    …so don’t think for one second your wife is inured. You do get numb to a constant stream of tragedy, true, but you’re human, and it’s STILL part of you.

    So honor her, and be nice to her. Let her share what stories she will, even if you’ve heard them before.

    …you’ll be helping her more than you know…

  8. There is a TV show up here that follows ambulance crews in Vancouver. In one episode a person had jumped off a bridge onto the street below. It was right next to a building that was under construction. Constructions workers came down and did what they could, but the guy was dead. One of the ambulance crews said that when he was on the job his mind is in gear to detach himself from that sort of thing but if he came upon an accident when he was driving his in his own car with his kids he would have a hard time dealing with it because he was not in that mode. He felt sorry for the construction workers because there was no way they are prepared to deal with that kind of thing.

  9. I see timing slips on a D4 and toggle some toggles.

    She fights for lives. As awesome as I was in my own mind I could never be as good as her. Or you.

  10. …thank you for your kind words, @Anonymous, but I am not good.

    Matthew 19:17

    “And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.”

    Whatever gifts we have are of God’s choosing and not of ourselves @Anonymous. There is no reason for either pride or shame as we are all serving our appointed purpose. The job you do is just as necessary as no one would pay you for it if it were not, it puts bread on the table for you and your wife, and the difference between life and death may hinge as much on a situation being communicated on telephone equipment you serviced as it can on your wife’s skill under fire.

    And always remember, as long as you are alive, that God’s not done with you yet. You will not know what He has in store for you until your full tale is told.

    And if he gives you a life and death emergency in future, he will also give you the ability to deal with it. Depend on it.

    God is awesome, and His plan includes you, and I, your wife, and all of us. As long as you serve Him and use the skills He gave you to the best of your ability, He will be well pleased in you, whatever honorable thing you do…

  11. Supernightshade,
    Thank you and all you salvagers of humanity.
    And, yes, everyone has a role.

    Lord, help us to be the best we can be to serve you by serving others.

  12. Mithrandir – My thoughts exactly.

    Where was that mouthy fat Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas?
    They could of used her bulk to flip that truck.

  13. mickey moussaoui
    JULY 23, 2019 AT 8:04 AM

    “Where was that mouthy fat Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas?
    They could of used her bulk to flip that truck.”

    …they didn’t WANT to flip it 360, there’s such a thing as too MUCH bulk… and she’d do her best to work opposite of them anyway, just to be contrary…


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