CA: Asylum Seekers Overwhelm San Diego Border from Eritrea, Cameroon and Mexico

Breitbart CA: Asylum Seekers Overwhelm San Diego Border from Eritrea, Cameroon and Mexico.

Migrants from countries like Eritrea, Cameroon, and Mexico have flooded the U.S. southern border in San Diego to such an extent in recent days that U.S. border officials have been unable to process them without long lines forming on the Tijuana side of the border.

Nearly 100 migrants lined up in a plaza on the Mexico side of the border that leads to the San Ysidro pedestrian border crossing in San Diego last week because of the backlog, according to the San Diego Union Tribune. Mexican officials told those who tried to sleep in the plaza that they had to leave. Eritrean migrants cited in the article claimed that last Monday 25 migrants were temporarily jailed for waiting in the plaza.

One of the Eritrean migrants told the Tribune that he felt racism, “big discrimination,” and no respect in Mexico.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials are working to process the foreign nationals that arrive at the border and are working with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to one who spoke with the Tribune. It takes time to process each individual and move them from holding cells to detention.

As the report details, migrants who claim fear of returning to their country are transferred to other immigration officials for consideration of potential asylum cases. An excess of these cases can back up the space available to process more individuals.  read more

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  1. Who the hell is *funding* this world-wide mass migration? This global upheaval is not happening “naturally.”

    Where is the NYT when we need them? ….Lady in Red

  2. How can there be “asylum seekers” in San Ysidro from anywhere but Mexico? International law, treaties (you know, the stuff that, at this point, what does it matter?), require asylum be granted (by countries that signed up for the list) to in danger individuals by the first safe country they arrive at. Either we define, as a matter of law, that Mexico is not a safe country (in which case America can save a metric ton of money by firing everyone that works checking people along the Mexican border, since they all would have a legal right to move to the United States whenever they want), or asylum seekers in Mexico must be granted asylum by Mexico.

  3. They travel from different Continents to find easiest entry points. Our southern border. Build the wall. Then start building up resources on our Northern border because that will become the next problem.

  4. I don’t understand?
    According to snot nosed punk
    no-nothing college kids America stinks
    and is a bad racist mean country,So why
    would anyone want to come here?


    They are just repeating LAWYER TALKING POINTS. They are felons trying to break in. There is no need to “process” applications.

    We can’t vet them, and they are frauds. Send them back or let Mexico jail them for a few years, they’ll go back.

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