Google Senior VP Threatens to ‘Identify’ Whistleblowers

January 31, 2018 MJA 18

BREITBART TECH: Following a recent WIRED piece that smears the whistleblowers at Google who have reported widespread misconduct at the company, including the rampant abuse and intimidation of conservative employees, a senior Google Vice President is now promising retribution against employees who speak up. For the past [Read More]

Everybody Hates Bill Nye (The ‘Science’ Guy)

January 31, 2018 MJA 15

CFP  Something called ‘500 women scientists’ savages Bill Nye for attending Trump’s SOTU. You probably know that Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is not a scientist at all. He’s a left-wing propagandist who uses the mantle of science to promote his ideological agenda, even though [Read More]

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