CA: At least 4 people rush stage during Sanders’ rally

Reuters: At least four people on Monday rushed the stage as presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke at a rally in Oakland, where Secret Service agents swarmed around him and detain the protesters, CNN reported.

The people were quickly led away by several agents before they were able to reach the Democrat, whose speech was briefly interrupted by the disturbance, a video posted by CNN showed.

A Secret Service agent rushed to Sanders side, grabbed him and wrapped his arms around the presidential candidate during the ruckus.

“We don’t get intimated easily,” said Sanders, who seemed unfazed by the situation, as he resumed his speech.  MORE


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  1. They weren’t wetbacks, they were morons that think mechanized farming is evil and want an end put to it.
    Yes folks, there really are white people that stupid.

  2. Had they not partied all night, gotten up too late, and taken the wrong bus, they might have made it to the Trump rally they were supposed to protest at.

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