CA Lawmakers Ready To Trample Constitution To Protect PP


In an attempt to protect Planned Parenthood from any more sting videos, legislators are preparing to pass a bill making hidden camera recordings of “health care groups” illegal. Violations could put a person in jail for a year and or fines.



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  1. Fuck these tyrannts! If I still lived in that hellhole, if have an army of people in there recording, just fucking because.

  2. Easy solution.
    Set up multiple organizations, different names, loosely affiliated, but separate, in multiple states. When one local organization wants to make a video of their local PP, they just call one of the out of state (but “not the same organization” wink wink) organizations and ask someone from out of state to come in and make the video.
    Then take the video back out of state and release it.
    When the local PP and AG get upset at the local organization, they can honestly say, “Our hands are clean, we didn’t have nuttin’ to do wit’ it.”

    Kind of like what The Mafia used to do for each other, back-in-the-day.
    Sheesh. Do I have to do all the heavy thinking around here?

    I learned long ago, there is ALWAYS a way around everything, if you want to hard enough.

  3. “…pass a bill making hidden camera recordings of “health care groups” illegal.”

    Think about this for a moment. They want to make it a crime of an individual having a conversation gathering an incontrovertible record of that conversation. Which goes far beyond ‘hearsay’, and is an actual unbiased record of what actually transpired.

    They are legislating truth into criminal activity. The wet dream of the left.

  4. California politicians are insane and drunk with power. This is getting a lot of negative coverage.

    I called CalDoj today for clarification on how the back ground checks on ammo were going to be handled. We don’t sell any but we use a lot. The lady I was talking to sound like she was about at the end of her rope. First thing she told me was that every manager inside CalDoj told the law makers that this would be a disaster and there’s now way it could be administered. Here’s the good part. They’ve been told they need to link registered weapons with caliber sales. So if you have an old 22 long rifle bolt gun that is not registered and try and buy ammo for it you can be refused unless you register it. Most registered AR lowers are listed as Multi Cal. I wonder how they plan on managing that?

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