CA Sheriff Approves 95% Of Concealed Carry Permits


Politistick: Just when you thought that all in California had succumbed to New York-styles anti-Second Amendment zeal, the county sheriff for the state’s capital surprised many when he revealed that his department approves a whopping 95% of the concealed carry permit applications that come across his desk.

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones approves the most applications in the state. California is a “may issue” state which means that officials are given discretion on whether or not a citizen “may” retain his or her Second Amendment right to carry a weapon (that would be the “bear arms” part.)

In 2010, Jones faced a massive budget cut and was forced to trim 340 positions from his department. Realizing that the citizens of his county would have to be more responsible for their own safety, Jones did the only ethical thing: more


Asemblymember Kevin McCarty disagrees with the sheriff’s system.

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  1. So, Assembly McCarty, which way are the crime rates trending in Sacramento County, versus say for example San Francisco, Alameda, and Los Angeles Counties+?

  2. Why do you need permission to exercise a right?
    Do you have to apply for a permit to a speedy and public trial?
    Do you have to apply for a permit to speak freely?
    Do you have to apply for a permit to practice your religion?
    Do you have to apply for a permit to not be illegally searched?
    Do you have to apply for a permit to prevent excessive bail?
    Do you have to apply for a permit to not be enslaved?

    Country’s upside down.

  3. California is now a Shall Issue State. To be in-compliance with the law they need to issue unless the back ground check uncovers something sinister. A couple counties are not complying and are in litigation hoping the law will change before they need to issue permits. Our Sheriff has always been a big 2A guy.
    Mean while there are people on this very page that are dragging their feet getting their permits. Can you believe that shit??????

  4. I don’t think crime rate is a good indicator. I’m fairly certain crime is on a pretty good increase in California and has been for a while. Chalk it up to unemployment and illegal immigration. I actually think a lot of these Sheriffs and Police Chiefs realize how dangerous it is getting and are trying to arm the public.

  5. As Bad_Brad said, California is shall-issue, via a couple of court orders a year or two ago. It’s the sheriffs who are defying the law by not issuing.
    Ventura County is pretty easy too, but you have to have either residency or primary workplace to apply. I’m stuck in L.A. But I did buy my first handgun on Thursday – Glock 9 mm.

  6. 7000 carry permits in a county with a population of almost 1.4 million (<0.5%)isn't that many.

    I live in a county of 280,000 and it issued 6700 carry permits in 2013. I am sure that has gone up since, but I consider a little over 2.3% a small percentage.

  7. I don’t understand why we need immigration reform. Yes, I do know that the process is flawed and needs to be updated (like only letting people that would be positive for the USA to immigrate), but the illegal alien issue is NOT related to our current immigration laws.

    The problem is allowing our current laws to be ignored.

  8. LCD, Congrats on the purchase. I’m thinking about picking up a 17 soon. Which model did you buy?
    As I under stand the civil codes in Cali, if you get a ccw in the county where you work, and that’s a different county than where you reside, you can only carry in the county that you work in. Hopefully that’s changed but when I started carrying that was the case.

  9. Thanks for the info Brad. I got a 17, looked at the 19 but the grip is a bit too small and it carries fewer rounds. Had a great time on Thursday firing a friend’s Uzi, mini 14, .38 revolver and .44 magnum along with his kids and their friends. Fun watching the 14 year-olds firing the .44!

  10. Well if you ever head north hit me up ahead of time. There’s a couple of us that post here that are always looking for a reason to go shooting.

  11. Other than black on black violence, Sacramento county crime is going down. Feels safe being among a well armed citizenry.

  12. Definitely!
    An Eagle Scout in my troop, about 35 now, has a mess of guns and often arranges walk-through scenarios like the gunfight at OK Corral. Plus he has a wide variety of firearms and other fun stuff. I’m trying to get an invite to his next one.

  13. Claudia I’m so tired of hearing we need “comprehensive immigration reform” We need a President that will secure the border with the military and deport every illegal alien criminal.


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