CA student forced to pee in bucket wins $1.25 million verdict


SAN DIEGO, Calif. – A San Diego student who was forced to urinate in a bucket at school won $1.25 million in damages when a jury decided in her favor Wednesday.

The student sued the school district and her teacher after she was denied a bathroom break during a 25-minute advisory class at Patrick Henry High School in 2012, when she was 14 years old. Instead, art teacher Gonja Wolf escorted the student to a supply room adjacent to the class, where she told her to urinate in a bucket and dump the contents down the sink, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

Media coverage of the ordeal led to bullying, gossip and eventually depression that drove the girl to attempt suicide. The teen transferred schools twice before graduating from a charter school. The San Diego Unified School District denied her initial claim for $25,000.

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12 Comments on CA student forced to pee in bucket wins $1.25 million verdict

  1. Hope she works through this shitty ordeal these fucktards put her through. Use the money to further your education and piss on these assholes!

  2. Unfortunately even though the award is just, it’s the taxpayers who take it in the bucket.
    This shit will not stop until the culprits are made to pay, not the already pissed on/off taxpayer.
    They, macadamia, nuts right, have a hall pass and they know it.
    Patrick Henry HS, enough irony to make an anvil.

  3. ‘Gonga Wolf’. Interesting name. Sounds like a disease. Definitely a mental disorder.

    Anyway, didn’t ‘Gonja’ violate health laws, by forcing the illegal disposal of body waste? Especially in CA, where they recycle ‘grey’ water, without cleansing?

  4. What the heck is all this bunk
    about pee pee poop poop crap?
    Never had any of this just 45 years
    ago in my high school. We are living
    in MONDO BIZZZARO WORLD! I worked for $hit
    wages all my life,do I get a million gazzzilion $$$
    I am traumatized and all %ucked up in my brain
    because of it. PPPFFFTTT………

  5. Eugenia, right!
    Even without seeing a picture decided this is what a mentally ill gender lunatic would do to a child. It will never be fired because gender-bender = protected class.

    Teacher’s clever escape from condemnation as white male privilege.

  6. What ever happened to the CA teacher that made his students taste his sperm? Is he still on paid leave or did they finally fire him? Bet that lawsuit is going to be doozy.

  7. So, again … once more … the taxpayers take it up the ass because of some stupid, dim-bulb, shit-weasel affirmative action hire!
    The fucking teacher’s union should have to pay the settlement – out of their pension fund – maybe they’d be more particular about their “professionals.”

    izlamo delenda est …

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