Loser Vice Presidential Candidate Claims Trump is a Holocaust Denier

What a total jackazz.

Here’s a white house statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day- (image)

Moron, Tim Kaine, claims that by not saying “Jews” it proves Trump is a holocaust denier.

What is wrong with these people?

This level of idiocy cannot be sustained.

ht/ jerry manderin

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  1. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If he said “Jews,” they would accuse him of favoring Zionism. Otherwise, he’s an anti-Semite.

  2. poor Timmah … trying to stay relevant … & not succeeding

    wonder how it feels to be know, for the rest of one’s life & throughout history , as Hillary’s bitch?

  3. So if Trump called Timmy a loser, Trump would be denying that Timmy is the Former vice-president candidate? Got it.

  4. It might come as a surprise to tiny Tim, but Jews weren’t the only ones the Nazis sent to the concentration camps..

  5. Somebody who makes Bidet look smart, thank
    the good lord we didn’t have two of those morons
    in a row. We’d be focked.

    Thank you Trump!

  6. it is good to remember that hitler starved hundreds of thousands of russians, poles, and others to death and murdered his own people. He gassed mostly Jews.

  7. There is Soros money in it alright. Also in England where the commies are signing a petition to keep the President out. Communism is alive and kicking.

  8. Oh, thank heaven that Frick and Frack are not ruling the country, right now! I can’t even envision the chaos and havoc HRC would have dished out, by this point in her reign.

    Why does Timmy look like a clown, even without makeup? I can’t see his face without the makeup, it’s always there, in my vision. Like I could never see obama without horns, or HRC without fangs.

  9. “This level of idiocy cannot be sustained”
    We haven’t seen anything yet. These morons will double down on stupid by ten to the tenth power.

  10. What TonyR and Charlie Walksonwater said.
    Not only were Jews sent to death, but also Gypsies, and the mentally unfit. The Jews were the majority and got the most “press”.

  11. How does Little Timmeh walk and breath at the same time? Or does he have earbuds that repeat a recording to him, “breath in….breath out….breath in….breath out…”

  12. To add some unthinkable numbers…I’ve read that the Holocaust claimed 11 million victims:

    3 million German Jews
    3 million non-German Jews
    3 million German non-Jews
    2 million non-German non-Jews

    A significant fraction of those killed were homosexuals. If Trump had mentioned Jews but not gays, I’m quite sure the GBLTs would be squealing.

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