Orwell’s “1984” Reimagined As Muslim Caliphate

Algerian born, French citizen Boualem Sansal caused a literary stir in his adopted home land last year with a retelling of George Orwell’s “1984” as a totalitarian Muslim state, “2084: The End of the World.”  Like Orwell’s Oceania, the residents of Abistan must profess their adherence to their religious leader, Abi, nine times a day.  There is no room for independent thought and the citizens are under constant surveillance to assure compliance.

The English translation of the Grand Prix Award winning novel will be available on the 31st, Here

I did a search on “Boualem Sansal” and “Fatwa,” and found there was one literary recognition the author has not received for his writings on Islam.


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  1. If you don’t read the original 1984 at
    least once a decade you will forget. It used
    to be an assigned read in my high school english
    class, along with Huxley’s, Brave New World. Then,
    you swing over to PK Dick and his writings.
    Read it, understand it, fight against it.

  2. Unfortunately, we still do not appreciate what the problem truly is… Human history has very few examples of religions who were simply too evil for any civilized society to tolerate…BUT, there have been a few. When society finally accepts 1400 years of evidence of the evil that is Islam, we will either surrender or we will actually begin to fight. If society wins, then Islam will join that select group of religions.

    The really sad part is that the last sentence began with the word “If”.

    To see where America is heading if we do not change course, just look to Germany or France. They have large areas within those countries that are “No go zones” where the police dare not go. Care to guess what religion/political entity runs ALL of the “No go zones”? Could it be the evil Christians? No, guess again…

    MSG Grumpy

  3. The mistake commonly made is to think of radical Islam as a religion. I believe that the movement operates under the guise of ‘religion’ but is in fact a fascist organization. In this way, the parallels between Islam and the rise of third Reich are too many to ignore.

    Hatred of Jews; Homosexuality; complete suppression of large groups as second class citizens (or worse); torture and abuse of huge numbers of people; and an unending need to conquer more and more territory. In these ways, Islam is the mirror image of the Nazis.

    2084 is one way or telling the worldwide conflicts we see every day in the setting of the original book. In the same way, re-writing the “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” to reflect current times would be much the same. After all, all the Islamists want is Israel; right????? (Think Czechoslovakia).

    All that is lacking to make a complete comparison is the penultimate ‘Hitler’ leading the charge and I believe that in time a titular leader will emerge from the global Islam movement that will fit the role. The motivation behind the ongoing ‘crusade’ against the world by the Islam movement seems borne of a singular ideal of what the world should be. This differs little from Hitler’s vision of the world as he thought it should be. At some point the violent radical Islam movement will coalesce around a single leader. As the power of the movement grows, the inherent corrupt nature of man will drive someone to try to take control of it.

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