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Caddell: ‘Grace, That’s What’s Missing’ as Obamas Prepare to Leave White House

Breitbart: Political pollster and analyst Pat Caddell told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Monday that, concerning the Obamas leaving the White House, “We are watching this ending here. It’s not quite as bad as the Clintons … but the lack of grace, that’s what’s missing here.”

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Caddell’s remarks came after hearing Michelle Obama’s now infamous comments to Oprah Winfrey:

The First Lady was asked by Oprah Winfrey whether she thinks that her husband’s administration had achieved his promise of hope for America.

“Yes. I do,” she said. “Because we feel the difference now. See, now, we are feeling what not having hope feels like. You know. Hope is necessary. It’s a necessary concept and Barack didn’t just talk about hope because he thought it was just a nice slogan to get votes. He and I and so many believe, what else do you have when you do not have hope?”

Caddell continued, “The Bush people, they had a certain conduct. … George W. Bush kept his mouth shut about Obama forever. What’s Obama doing saying, ‘I’m going to be back here right after vacation. … I need to be in Washington. I need to comment’? Where’s the part where you gracefully leave the stage?”  

31 Comments on Caddell: ‘Grace, That’s What’s Missing’ as Obamas Prepare to Leave White House

  1. You are expecting grace from a psychopathic sodomite thug?

  2. Obama doesn’t understand that he has been totally rejected by most Americans. I think his high favorability ratings are an illusion created by his pals in the press. I’d say it’s actually in the 20’s.

  3. “It’s not quite as bad as the Clintons … ”

    Yeah, well, let’s see when they’ve been finally put out to the curb.

  4. Being an ingrate is just another sympton of a malignent mental condition. It is, and always has been, about them. Empathy and grace, among other good personal attributes, just isn’t in their DNA.

    They are possessed by the dark side.

  5. That ain’t what Oprassah Winnfree said ?!?!?!!!

  6. George Jefferson leave gracefully? That’s a joke.

    Thank God he was only a temporary resident in that dee-lux apartment in the sky.

  7. After January the media will be too busy reporting on Trump and his admin and the congress, that the obamas will truly be “old news.” He’ll be relegated to YouTube.

  8. Grace, confidence, class, and intelligence were never their strong suit.

  9. Pat mentioned GW Bush as an example of grace upon departing the WH. But Bush always had RESPECT for the Office and the legacy he held; he showed up in the Oval Office promptly early in the morning, dressed properly in suit & tie out of due respect for the office that he held. I hear Obama did not do this on any normal day. For a man who doesn’t RESPECT the Office he holds, to depart with GRACE is too much to expect of him.

  10. says the guy linked to carter, mcgovern, brown and biden.

  11. I’m thinking the networks will have the shithead on their evening news shows 2nd-guessing every move DJTrump makes. They want to keep those butthurt supporters angry.

  12. It’s not possible for a man-child to be graceful or his wookie. My grace is the daughters would flip you the middle finger if they felt like it.

  13. Prepare for more.
    Any accomplishment must be blunted
    Any dismantling of his edifice of failure must be clucked at and remarked upon.
    And her, from her, expect nothing but a non stop stream of shitty, spiteful comments more worthy of the pissed off, demented old aunt of the family.

  14. Obama will be nothing more then a bad memory once the economy is thriving, the GDP is 4%+, the 18 taxes in the “Affordable” care act are gone, unemployment is a true 4% or under, taxes are cut and filing is simplified, the alphabet agencies are curtailed, energy Independence is near, illegals are dealt with, and on …. and on … and on …. to heck with the Obama cabal!!

  15. Will they be making off with the furniture like the Clintons did? Are they going to take the “T”s off all the keyboards like the Clintons did with “W” before Bush came in.

    One last Toga party to trash the place?

  16. No grace? What did someone nail Caddell with a cluebat? Hasn’t he been paying attention?

    Just in the past few days we have Michelle telling us that since the election , now we all know what it feels like to have no hope. And Toothpick reversed himself yet again and tells us those rascully Russians better quit or he’s gonna spin his goofy ears.


  17. The Lame media and Barky Hussein Clan are all bottom feeders, and will turn on each other when other “tidbits” run out. They have embarrassed a lot of good people, and have left their shitstains all over America. The faithless few zombies will cling to them like a leg of fresh meat, the rest are tired of the whole zoo and want something new. When and if they ever realize how despised they are, they will find other things to do. Their level of psychotic break doesn’t permit them to do otherwise.

  18. Wow– that was great. Thanks very much!

  19. Mooch is wrong. The Lefties have no hope, but the rest of us are filled with hope. I’m expecting Trump to come through.

  20. America firmly slammed the door on Hillary.

    In doing so, Americans also slammed the toilet lid on Obama and his legacy and will flush the toilet on January 20!

    He will be as popular to media as Kelly thinks she is, because the Americans who shut the libs out in the cold will not watch or listen. So long, president DISgrace.

  21. That is exactly why liberals are the way they are. They have no clue what grace even means!

  22. If he doesn’t do the right thing and fade into the future, he’ll end up in federal prison. There’s more than enough evidence to put him there now if the DOJ were to pursue it. The arming of ISIS in Syria was treason.

  23. The only thing Obama has in common with me is opposable thumbs, and that’s questionable.

  24. Barry & Moosehell have shown a lack of class & grace during his entire presidency.
    I’ve had no expectation they would find any to use when they exit.
    During the ex president era they will continue to be low class & graceless. Joined by the two daughters who have already taken a few tentative steps down that road.

  25. I look forward to the covers of the National Enquirer revealing Obola’s affair with Jay-Z and Mooch’s with BeNancy. No, I didn’t mix those up.

  26. “Grace” is not missing, it was never there. Good riddance to some very bad rubbish!

    Forgive me Lord but I hate the Obamas and what they have done to our country as much as I despise the Clintons.

  27. It’s because animals, one evolutionary step backward from human, apes and chewbaccas they are, strong dark force hmmm.

  28. Doesn’t Obama have to get her back to the zoo before midnight on his last day in office, or something?

  29. Don’t be surprised if Mooch’s mama refuses to move out of the White House.

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