Cage Match #3 – Harmony Edition – IOTW Report

Cage Match #3 – Harmony Edition

#1- The Everly Brothers beat Simon and Garfunkel

#2- The Beach Boys beat the Beatles

Match #3 is

Queen versus Crosby, Stills, and Nash

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  1. Jennifer and I went to some CSNY concert, and Nash went spare on some war. We walked out and some 400 also walked out.

    I can’t stand Queen. Break the knob off.

    CS and Nash, always against Queen.

  2. Back in 1999, I think, Steven Stills showed up in Kimos, Lahina, Maui with some youngsters while we were there. First song out of the box, Southern Cross as we gaze across the very same harbor Captain Cook landed on. Magical.
    Since then evil forces have burned it to the ground.

  3. The Beach Boys put out a ton of indistinguishable tunes about playing at life. They were and are inconsequential. Sloop John B was kind of cool, the rest was dreck.

  4. The multitracking really makes it hard to pick out who has the purest harmonies without studio help. On the other hand, that’s the nature of their art and I feel I ultimately have to respect what they released to the public as their consummate audio masterpiece. Queen

  5. I don’t know what Bohemian Rhapsody is supposed to be, but it ain’t rock and roll to me.

    I suppose fruit-flavored Freddy was prancing around the stage holding a silk embroidered handkerchief aloft during live performances.

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