CAIR Official Stands By Memorial Day Criticism of US Troops

ClarionProject: For the third year in a row, the executive director of CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area chapter, Zahra Billoo, bashed the U.S. military on Memorial Day.

A top Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) official took time out of her Memorial Day weekend to stand by her opposition to honoring fallen U.S. soldiers on the holiday and specifically took aim at Muslim-Americans who serve in the U.S. military.

For the third year in a row, (she) bashed the U.S. military on the holiday in which we are supposed to thank them for their sacrifices.  more

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  1. Islam is not the biggest problem facing us. No nation can survive tolerating within those who tolerate infiltrators and invaders from without.

  2. Grool – Said in other words, all those dumbed-down, self-absorbed, celebrity-obsessed, White guilt-ridden, Birkenstock-wearing, bottled-water-drinking, Politically Correct, Rainbow Plantation, Diversity-loving, kumbaya-singing, bobble-headed Kia Hamster Socialist Liberal Lemmings, and democRats in general, are Enablers helping what has yet to be officially recognized and deemed “The Enemy”!

  3. The mask is off for all to see the true nature of this disgusting ideology(it has been for years for most of us). I’m sure there are higher ups in the MB and CAIR that are wincing seeing this. They’re thinking they need to keep it on the down low for just a bit longer.

  4. Where is the idiot Glenn Beck and why is he not flapping his yap about this? I guess Trump’s pledge to seal our borders is a thought more terrifying than Obama sneaking more of these Barbarians into our country. He and Brad Thor have their assassination prospects skewed…. Priorities, gentlemen.

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