I give them out free, too

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  1. My daughter and her friends used to go around town at night and change the signs. The local Hook’s drug store was selling gallon bottles of p*$$ for 99 cents one morning. The local LEO’s were awesome. The kids did their stupid thing and no one got into trouble. That was back when the kids didn’t do malicious, because the LEO’s watched over them. Our town is still pretty much the same.

  2. My favorite from a few years ago was the idiot at our local Mcbozos who couldn’t spell McWrap and wrote McCrap (or maybe it was intentional, who knows) on the sign board and nobody caught the misspelling for a couple of days. I got a good laugh out of that because it was truth in advertising.

  3. Anybody remember the opening scene in “Five Corners?” A local punk has decided to divest the local Shopmerit of its H, O, P, M, E, and R. The guy is admiring his handiwork when his buddy says, “I dunno, I think there’s too much space between the H and the I.” LOL.

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