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Florida’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is suing Florida Gun Supply owner Andrew Hallinan for banning Muslims from his business in the wake of Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez’s alleged July 16 attack on two separate military centers in Chattanooga. [Breitbart]


  1. Don’t business owners have the right to refuse service to anyone? Or does that not apply if you refuse to do business with muzzies and homosexuals? What if a shirtless, shoeless muzzie or queer came into his shop could he refuse them service as well? Probably not.

  2. Rag heads don’t like our gun policies? Fine. GTFO. Go back to wherever the hell you came from. Guns are all over the place and they’re free. Effen rag heads can even shoot each other just for the hell of it. GTFO. The sooner the better. Take all you ass hole friends too.

  3. Sued by an “Unindited Co-conspiritor”.
    That will be an interesting trial.

  4. Time for all gun shops to stand together with Florida Gun Supply and ban sales. +100 to laslo9000

  5. Counter-sue CAiR for not doing anything to stop these murdering jihadis.
    They are supposed to be the “Council on American-islamic Relations”, or so they advertise. Yet they Never do anything to improve any kind of muslim/non-muslim relations. They shouldn’t even be allowed to operate within our borders.

  6. Just let them know that it was recently discovered that all gun cleaning supplies, lubricants and ammo are most effective when dipped in pig blood.

    Do a video–wipe down a gun and ammo with pig blood and have the best sharp shooter you can find show how effective it is and since it is everything in your store will be dipped (even if it aint) and make people prove otherwise.

    Then tell the muzzies to come buy to their heart’s content.

    I wouldn’t roll over and allow some goat humper to take my livelihood.

  7. Yet once again the liberals among us turn to the courts to thwart the will of the people! Makes one wonder how much longer before the revolution begins and the judicial system is overthrown…

  8. Sadly Judge, they never will – it’ll be Lawfare by the CAIRrorists for time immemorial cuz barry sez we all get to practice our religions ++EXCEPT the KUFFAR

  9. I think that’s that “country within a country” bullshit that pReezy O’phuqwod fascistly imposed on America like all the other bullshit he’s forked us with.

  10. Be sure to have the muzzbruzz fill out 234 page of legal forms and pay a $7630 registration fee before they can exercise their judge-given rights…

    Like Geller says, “NO special rights for special groups!!”

    (including the queers – oh, wait)

  11. Muck you foslems, build your own and keep US out.

  12. They’re hardly unique. Try getting into a Latter Day Saints tabernacle and see how far you get.

  13. (Need edit button!) But at least the LDS folks won’t cut your head off; they’ll just politely but firmly bar your entry.

  14. Hmmm. How about gun stores requiring everybody who comes in to either eat a strip of bacon or explain the difference between a schlemiel and a schlimazl, and a schlong and a putz?

  15. You, or anyone else (who is respectful), would be highly welcomed into any Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church (chapel) or Tabernacle on the face of God’s green earth. You will, however, have to be a member in good standing to enter a Temple. Would you like the missionaries to come talk to you and start your preparation for Temple Service?

  16. Thanks for the correction and the offer. I did mean Temple instead of Tabernacle. I was fortunate to have visited and toured the Temple just outside the D.C. beltway while it was still open to the general public. Very impressive.

    I’ve had two nice conversations with LDS missionaries but it didn’t work out for any of us. Polite, friendly, but ultimately unsatisfactory.

  17. This guys an idjut. The ATF authorizes FFL’s to decline selling a gun to anybody they’re suspicious of. Our agent describes FFL’s as the Governments first line of defense for keeping guns out of nut cases hands. His mistake was announcing it. I can tell you in Northern Cali most gun stores don’t sell to AK-47’s to just anybody. If you get my drift.

  18. Also, may I invite you to our protestant services starting at 10:30 Sunday morning?

  19. They could take his ‘order’ and lose the paperwork, it’s on back order (forever), the ammo is out of stock, he has to be able to write in English, proof of citizenship…just to name a few.

  20. Or use a court ruling that gun ownership and use is a citizen’s inherent right and cannot be curtailed by the opinions of a business owner, in ways the anti-gun crowd never imagined.

  21. That only applies if you’re NOT a Christian or a patriot. If it was a Muslim gun shop that refused to sell to Christians or sodomites, that would be totally okay.

    Because tolerance is a one-way street, dontyaknow.

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