Where’s Joe Been?

He’s gearing up for the upcoming presidential debates.unnamed-5

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  1. I remember the Paul Ryan debates.
    They should be required viewing for any Joe fan.

    He isn’t good ol’Joe in the debate.
    He is absolute arrogant prick bastard son-of-a-bitch dickhead Joe.

    I have never wanted to punch a bastard so bad!

  2. Slow Joe really needs something stronger to break loose that tight mental block. He hasn’t had an open mind for years. The gears in his empty mind could only be loosened with some WD-40 or some STP, something really sticky. Or maybe a brain transplant would be in order.

  3. You mean the type of grease gun with the thick heavy grease we used to lube cars with under the car where all the grease joints (zirks) were. Old cars had a ton of them. I grew up working in my Dad’s gas station/garage so I remember those well.

  4. He was getting an operation to turn him into an African so he could claim to be Obama’s rightful heir apparent. Also, so Hillary, who only talks ‘bad black’ on very specific occasions and places, won’t be able to out black him. Crazy Joe (like the woman who turned black on her own say so) also wants to claim permanent status in
    a protected class! He knows that if he can pull it off he can’t be bullied by Saunders and the fool from Maryland (O’Screwy O’Malley!

  5. Borrow some of Boehner’s QT and Sideshow Bob’s wig.
    The ferals and the spics won’t know or care.

    Good to go.

  6. Ole Joe been doing a little nude swimming as to entertainment
    for his female secret (then how come we get to see them) service agents. Those agents have now seen for themselves that old Joe is also packing some heat!

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