Cajun Navy volunteers lead Hurricane Florence rescue efforts

Conservative Review:

The heroic members of the Cajun Navy are back in action, working to rescue people put in danger by Hurricane Florence and aid relief efforts in North Carolina.

Videos have been posted to Facebook showing volunteer rescue efforts saving several people who were stranded by the storm, WBRZ reports.

AccuWeather has additional Facebook Live video of rescue efforts.  go see


18 Comments on Cajun Navy volunteers lead Hurricane Florence rescue efforts

  1. Is this a real organization, or just a general name given to individuals who are volunteering to help?
    – Because I want to donate.

  2. I was out on I-95 yesterday, first time I can remember it being chock a block going South and not Thanksgiving/Christmas.
    Lots of redneck good ol’ boys, little swamp boats, running towards the danger.
    Clingers and Deplorables, gotta love them.
    They got this.

  3. I’m confused.
    I found multiple “cajun navy” organizations. I don’t want to donate to a scam.
    Are these legit?

  4. These are the people mostly ignored and discounted as illiterate savages not worthy of comment by the dwellers inside the DC Beltway. They don’t contribute nor aggregate millions of dollars of campaign funds. Hence, they don’t exist.

    But they are people that know some few things. They know the value of an individual human life. They know the risks of taking a small craft into a flood zone. They know if they don’t, they will not be able to look at them selves in the mirror. They have to try.

    Bless each and every one of them, hold them safe and the ones they are reaching out for.

  5. Jethro, send your donation to me. I’ll use it to build an airboat. Hell, been thinking about building an assload of airboats to donate since my state is comprised of mostly dirt and engine blocks. I can GUARANTEE I can make 3 or 4 boats for the price of a new one.

    Aaron Burr

    P.O. box 1849 Chino Valley Az 86323

    Make all checks payable to “Cash”

  6. Skiff-1200 or cheaper if you can find one.
    Prop-600 at least, they ain’t cheap
    Engine-couple hundred, swap out a few parts for marine use
    welding supplies- 500

    Seems like a legit endeavor.

    Oh, and I know I could give at least one midget a job. Stumpy is my most trusted mechanic.

  7. To avoid scams i send money to the Salvation Army.

    They are usually on site and set up before the Red Cross figures out where to go.

    SA’s Director makes very little salary. Red Cross is top heavy and Director makes 600K/yr

  8. The ignorance here is astounding.
    The Cajun Navy is you and me.
    Guys who give a shit about his fellow Americans.
    Guys who leave thier home in Texas and go to the place where they are needed. On thier own dime.
    Not a Dumbassorat amongst them.
    Dumbassorat’s wait for government help.
    Conservative’s help our fellow man.

  9. I don’t mean to disparage all the members of the so-called Cajun Navy, but one of those crazy bastards from Florida drove his V-8 powered air boat across my (flooded) front yard last year and almost drowned my wife and I as we awaited on the front porch for rescue. I retrieved my High Standard 12 gauge riot gun and waited for him to try that again. I was going to stress to him the importance of respect for other people. Lucky for him, he never came back. By the way, my son was part of the Cajun Navy.


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