California: Criminal Background Checks on Rental Applicants Now Illegal in Oakland

California Globe: On Tuesday night, the Oakland City Council passed the Fair Chance Housing Ordinance, making criminal background checks on potential tenants in private and public housing illegal within the city.

The decision by the City Council was immediately praised by housing advocates, civil rights organizations, and groups who help rehabilitate ex-convicts. Housing advocates in particular saw this as a victory following a major eviction of a group of women who were squatting in an abandoned house in the city.

“A single mistake that happened years ago shouldn’t bar you from having a stable life once you paid your debt to society,” said Richard Spielman, an Oakland housing advocate. “We’ve seen  too many criminals who turned their lives around or came back with a good paying job but couldn’t find true stability due to many landlords, especially around the Bay, not wanting to rent to ex-criminals.”

“We can finally have people move forward.”

City Council members also expressed their approval of the new ordinance, including Councilman and Vice Mayor Larry Reid. Reid, who’s son is currently incarcerated for conspiracy and accepting bribes, and is due to be released in the next several months, now has another barrier removed for renting. read more

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  1. Because vice mayor doesn’t want his kid coming back to vice mayor’s house.
    Vice. Appropriate.

    And it’s “whose son” not “who’s son”.

  2. …but I think this will backfire, since the purpose of the background check was to make sure you have enough felonies to QUALIFY as an Oakland resident…

  3. “Housing advocates in particular saw this as a victory following a major eviction of a group of women who were squatting in an abandoned house in the city.”

    …well, this should guarentee that there’ll be PLENTY more freshly abandoned rental housing opened up for squatters real, real soon…

  4. “And it’s “whose son” not “who’s son”.”

    PEDANT: a : one who makes a show of knowledge, usually by an insecure individual in an approval seeking endeavor. b : one who is unimaginative or who unduly emphasizes minutiae in the presentation or use of knowledge.

  5. @Timmy75:

    “And it’s “whose son” not “who’s son”.”

    That should be:

    ‘And it’s “whose son” not “who’s son”.’

    It’s improper to put double quotation marks around double quotation marks.


  6. Zhytamyr – Super

    I think you may be confusing Vallejo or Daily City with Oakland. Oakland has been a high crime city for many decades; but far from the top of the list!

    NoCal – other than my kin – is , and has been for decades a high crime local

  7. Timmy75 –

    Punctuation and spelling and grammar and math are hard. I myself personally like really long and detailed and repetitive, but sometimes embarrassing and maybe a little amusing, though not too much, run on sentences because well, that’s just me, not that there’s anything wrong with that, right?

    Timmy, if you wanna be a hall monitor you go right ahead, join the crowd.

  8. Zonga, you must enjoy CS Lewis, then. He is the master of exactly the kind of sentences you like! That’s one reason I love his writings!

    Timmy75, this site is full of grammar Nazis. Have fun with our pedantry!

  9. Timmy75,
    Pedantry aside, the meanings are different.
    As I’m sure you gathered from the reading of the sentence.
    And, for the sake of clarity, “say[write] what you mean; mean what you say[write].”
    The words, as written, are all we have to evaluate the meaning and intent of the writer (some may “hear” them in their heads, but that can’t be counted upon).

    Thus, it is not an issue of pedantry, but a pursuit of “truth,” which (that?) prompted the comment.

    Hope this helps.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. that’s ok…

    Oakland is right next odor to san franscisco…where all are welcome…even when they poop on the street

    they will need to migrate when the all the racist leftist slum lords in Oakland stop renting apartments to those they cannot qualify for rental because they cannot check their background..


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