​​​​​​California gas prices highest in nation after July 1 gas tax increase – IOTW Report

​​​​​​California gas prices highest in nation after July 1 gas tax increase

(The Center Square) – California’s gas prices are the highest in the nation after a July 1 gas tax increase. The state’s gasoline is even more expensive than that of Hawaii, which has no oil production and must ship its fuels across the Pacific Ocean. 

California gas prices are at $4.79 per gallon for regular-grade fuel, higher than Hawaii, where fuel is $4.69 per gallon, and Washington, where fuel is $4.29 per gallon. On July 1, California gas taxes increased to 59.6 cents per gallon, a number that does not include other taxes and fees that add a total of $1.62 per gallon to California gas. With the American national average at $3.52 per gallon, California’s taxes and fees add up to more than the cost difference between California gas prices and national gas prices. Because the federal government and each state charge gas taxes, this pricing gap suggests if California were to adopt similar gas taxes in line with the rest of the nation, prices would converge with the national average.  read more

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  1. That gas tax kicked in at the same time Brain Dead Biden released what was left of our national oil reserves in an attempt to drop fuel prices over the summer. End result? Not a lot of people noticed. But they will eventually.
    We visited Maui last October. Gas was cheaper there than in California way back then.

  2. That idiot Newsom has been hanging out on the east coast paling around with all the butt hurt libtards, licking each others wounds. LOL. Anyway he said something to the effect that he, personally has cleaned up all of California’s litter so it won’t end up washing ashore on the east coast. WTF?
    Seems Newsom speaks fluent Liberish. He should check out the litter in the miles and mile of homeless camps he’s created. He should go to the border and check out the tons of garbage left by our replacements. What an asshole.

  3. Exactly

    “Inflation is down thanks to Bidenomics”. Liberish

    “We’ve cut the costs of prescription drugs”. Liberish

    “The border is secure”. Liberish

    “The 2020 election was not stolen”. OK that falls under Bull Shit.

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