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Mad Maxine Waters Loses Battle with Her Wig

GP: Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters found herself entangled in a hair-raising encounter during a live interview on CNN.

No, she wasn’t fending off hard-hitting questions or debating heated political issues. Instead, Waters was battling with her own wig!

Waters joined Abby Phillip on CNN to discuss the upcoming election.

As Phillip grilled Waters about Biden’s fitness for office, Waters was visibly distracted by her own reflection on the screen monitor. more

38 Comments on Mad Maxine Waters Loses Battle with Her Wig

  1. Merkin!!! Merkins ahoy cap’n we gotta go in, she’s gonna blow! Belay that merkin boy, there’s bush in there ta be stripped! Aye, Arr, and other pirate letters.

    But seriously, she shows what is important to her, and it IS cultural appropriation for the negress to have a ‘wavy hair’ wig on, or any wig at all… not to mention clothing made of textile…

  2. Dang. When I read that headline saying she’d lost a battle with her wig, I was hoping to read that the wig had forced itself down her throat and she’d choked to death slowly and in agony.

    Good golly, but I truly despise that hideous hag.

  3. Uncle Al

    Have you ever seen her hooves? I mean feet. Believe me the woman’s in constant pain. When ever I start feeling a little depressed I just think of her feet and the constant pain. Cheers me right up. LOL

  4. Does your head shrink as you age because her wig certainly didn’t grow longer?

    I know the cartilage in your nose and ears continues to grow as you get older, it was probably her giant dumbo ears pushing the wig up and to the left and slipping down across her forehead.

    Either that or the wig decided it was done playing second fiddle to that painted on mess they claim are her actual features.


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