Software Expert: Thousands of Duplicate Ballots Were Counted in Georgia 2020 Election – IOTW Report

Software Expert: Thousands of Duplicate Ballots Were Counted in Georgia 2020 Election


On Tuesday software expert Phillip Davis testified that thousands of duplicate ballots were counted in the 2020 election in Georgia today in front of the State Election Board Committee in Georgia.

Davis testified on how election workers were cheating by counting ballots numerous times using different tabulators.

Phillip Davis: You’ll see that they took batches from tabulator 794, batches 8 through 11. They brought it to tabulator 791. They then started grabbing pieces of those four batches. And with those four pieces, they met up brand new batches for tabulator 794. Some of the ballots were in reverse order. They were from multiple batches. In the very first one, you can see that they took batch 22, 20 ballots in reverse, batch 23, four ballots in normal order, batch 20, 10 ballots in reverse, batch 23, five more ballots, and so on. This pattern repeats over and over for tabulator 794…

…We see the exact same pattern repeated with a different set of ballots. So once again, they got ballots from tabulator 791. They grabbed four sets of batches. They did create a brand new batches by picking and choosing pieces out of those other batches to make the new batches… That would be tabulator 74 batches 20 through 26.

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  1. @ Brad WEDNESDAY, 10 JULY 2024, 12:17 AT 12:17 PM

    You got that right. They have been busy prepping the environment for another round of this bullshit, by the American people, real Americans, ain’t playing along with their bullshit this time.

  2. democRATz have to cheat and cheat far worse than they did in 2020 cuz they’re dealing with the empty shell of a lifelong Buffoon whose marbles fell out and rolled behind the refrigerator long before he became the demented Asshole he is today! democRATz knew full well that he was a lying, rat-fucking, bubbling vat of Irish dumpster juice then, but it didn’t matter because half the American people weren’t really aware of him. NOW they are and it’s not a good look! They’re going to dump Jackass Joe and Trump should EMPHASIZE that no matter who they pick as the face of the party it will only be pasted to a cardboard cut-out of a “President” that Obama and his Communist Cronies will simply continue to work behind!

  3. There are government people employed to fix this. And they do NOTHING.

    Time for a massive, MASSIVE purge.
    And a clawback of all salaries/benefits paid to people who FAILED TO DO THEIR JOBS.


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