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George Stephanopoulos Apologizes For Saying Biden Can’t Serve Another Term


ABC News anchor and former Bill Clinton henchman George Stephanopoulos has apologized for saying old Joe Biden would struggle to serve another term in office.

Stephanopoulos, who recently interviewed Biden following his disastrous debate performance last month, told a TMZ reporter that Biden is unable to serve four more years as president.

“Do you think Biden should step down?” the reporter asks.

“I don’t think he can serve four more years,” Stephanopoulos responds. more

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  1. What’s happening right now, with all the sudden reversals of wanting Joe out, further legitimizes the notion that old Joe has been the power structure behind the Obama years and continues to be the center of all that is evil. Biden Inc. brought the political war machine out and Libtards are running scared.
    Except for one. Nancy Pelosi. Who has her own formidable political war machine. And Nancy desperately wants to see her nephew in the White House. Should be fun to watch.

  2. Welcome to theHypocrisy-In-The-Media 2024 Olympics in Krazy Town!
    So far who has put in the best performance doing the vapors with both hands on their cheeks feigning shock and surprise at Jackass Joe’s dementia (that they all knew about four years ago)?

  3. My wife who worries by default, was getting despondent years ago as we watched the world turn to merd, and accelerating on that path with the FAKE ELECTION and installing of a despicable liar in the WH.

    I consoled her by pointing out that History is replete with ups and downs and horrible men ascending to power.
    She argued that this is different, the evil ones have SO MUCH power at their disposal.

    I told her their power is by the peoples’ consent, and when they back those people into a corner leaving them nothing else to lose, that’s when good people go to great, sometimes very vicious extremes to bring goodness back.

    Alternatively, since evil attacks with no limitations, sometimes evil just turns and EATS ITSELF. Relish these latest events, watch these immoral creeps try to use logic or find high ground, despite their biographies documenting a life of bad behavior.

  4. @Behold this world’s “intelligensia” ! lmao:

    Don’t apologize little Georgie.

    Just see if you can slip away after you stick your head up your own ass, where it belongs.

    But…but…but, his head IS up his own ass. In fact, he has bent over so much and shoved his head so far up his ass that it has popped out of his neck. That’s why he’s so short. If he were standing up straight he’d be 6′ 5″.

    We should call him George Ouroboropoulos.

  5. When ABC hired George there was pushback because of his position in the Clinton campaign and administration. They said he wouldn’t be an anchor, he was going to be a ‘color commentator’ for political stories. They lied.


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