California Gov Demands Free Land From Trump So He Has Somewhere to Put All the Homeless People

(Reuters) – California Governor Gavin Newsom, stepping up his bid to enlist U.S. government help to combat homelessness, has urged the Trump administration to open up surplus federal property for construction of more low-cost housing across the state.

Newsom’s request came in a letter on Tuesday to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, who rejected pleas from California in September for more money to fight homelessness but has since adopted a more cooperative stance on the issue.

The governor, a first-term Democrat who has placed homelessness at the top of his agenda, said his administration already had moved to turn over excess state-owned land to cities and counties for the purpose of building affordable housing.

“You could match our commitment by similarly providing free surplus federal land to local governments across the state so they can build housing for the homeless,” Newsom wrote. read more

40 Comments on California Gov Demands Free Land From Trump So He Has Somewhere to Put All the Homeless People

  1. You can have all the land you want, as long as the homeless farm it and produce their own food
    Nothing makes a vagrant seek another town like the prospect of supervised labor

  2. Demands?
    Put you demand in one hand and collect a bio sample from your sidewalks in the other and see which one ……….

  3. There’s all kinds of beautiful property in California available right now. In fact it’s very safe, walls and armed guards. Beautiful grass for pitching tents. Many locations have swimming pools, 8-10 bathrooms, multiple kitchens and views of the ocean, if not already right on the beach. They have nice sounding names like Beverly Hills, Malibu, Newport Beach. Maybe he should fill those places up first.

  4. “free surplus federal land?”

    Fuck the local governments and the worthless bums and hobos – that land belongs to “We, the People of the United States!”

    “Free” means “stolen.”
    And the FedGov has no “surplus” anything – if the Feds have an excess of anything, they need to return it to its rightful owners or sell it (and try to keep the proceeds from being stolen by the politicians).


    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Gavin is going to forcibly round up 150K-plus people and transport them to some Newsomville out in the middle of nowhere? How Gavin? How?

  6. First he wants FEMA trailers to house them, now he wants federal land to put the trailers on. Next he’ll want the National Guard to watch over the whole mess the California Commiecrats created.

  7. So….he wants a ghetto….to concentrate a segment of undesirables away from the Elite Übermenschen. Are we going to call these hamlets, Las Auchejuizas?

  8. newsom is a pandering hemorrhoid. State created the problem, use State land.
    The Federal Gvnt owns 45.3% of California. The Feds own LARGE amounts of each state west of the Rockies, lesser amounts of States eastward.

  9. There should be many empty homes in Mexico, Honduras, San Salvador that the homeless could occupy. A bus ticket and an address is all that’s needed.

  10. There are empty STATE hospitals all over.

    Those hospitals housed the insane until some bright star decided the inmates would be better off living on the street.

    Oh gosh, that didn’t work out well, did it.

  11. Why isn’t there enough housing now? Considering all the people fleeing the basket case state there should be plenty of excess living spaces.

  12. The Newsom, Brown, Pelosi & Feinstein crime families want to slice CA into 4 feudal kingdoms – this will help house the serfs.

  13. California polices are vagrant magnets, where will you put them when you’ve filled it to capacity????

  14. There are all ready FEMA camps, fully stocked w/food and medicinal supplies, 24 hr courtesy guards, a/c heat, ready for all of them willing to be anal probed and registered, numbered tattoos, and free medical experimentation, no waiting in line, just sign up for the free bus ride and toilet paper.

  15. He sounds like Hitler to me wanting to build concentration camps instead of assimilating these beloved brothers into his open society.

  16. Hey asshole, there are 49 other states that have claim to that ground. Are you too fucking stupid to understand this?

    If you want it, buy it from the feds and let us get our money back.

    Oh, what’s that you say, you’re fucking broke because you give everything away and allow illegals to get free everything, even though you have some of the highest taxes in the country?

    Well then I’m sorry sir, you are too fucking stupid to even have a conversation with. Your best bet would be to just break away from the United States. If you do, we’ll give you all the Federal land in your shithole state for free.

    Then we will start on building the second border fence.

  17. The Feds have far too much land. I am in favor of giving most of it back to the states or putting it up for private sale. Let the Lefty states do with it as they please. If they want to build unaffordable, affordable housing for bums and nutcases, go for it. It will just hasten their demise.

  18. “…The governor, a first-term Democrat who has placed homelessness at the top of his agenda…”

    Increasing it, or decreasing it? I hate having to ask.

  19. Don’t do it, MR President…..we DON’T want the homeless here, or should say the lazy shiftless that don’t want to work.

  20. I’m sorry Katrina, but I’m not clear on your comment.

    “Don’t do it, MR President…..we DON’T want the homeless here, or should say the lazy shiftless that don’t want to work.”

    Do you not want the homeless, or do you not want democrats and people that work for the government?

  21. How about putting them in state parks. Gov. Nuisance?
    Lots of Bathrooms, tents and kitchens. There will be state employees to supervise them.

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