California is Proof of Liberalism’s Failures

Dan Bongino:

If you need proof that liberalism doesn’t work, look no further than California. The state leads the pack when it comes to out-migration (jumping 38% in 2019), and saw their slowest population growth since 1900 this year. It’s not hard to see why.

President Donald Trump recently traded blows with Gov. Gavin Newson over the state’s homelessness crisis – and that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the state’s problems. California hosts 12% of America’s population – but half of the nation’s homeless.While California doesn’t look all too bad when the income statistics are looked at nominally, once you take into account the absurd cost of living in the Sunshine State, they rank #1 in poverty.

In many cases, the homeless exist right beside massive wealth, as can be seen in San Francisco. If liberals are good at one thing, it’s creating societies that only the very rich and very poor can afford to live in.

California is a state of high taxes and redistribution, yet tops the list in poverty, and that’s not the only “contradiction” the state experiences. To name just a few:

  • Even though 43 percent of California’s general-fund budget is earmarked for K-14 education, California students under-perform the national average on reading and math scores (source: pages 24 and 25).
  • The percentage of Californians attending a four year college hasn’t changed in fifty years, despite the trend nationally being upward.
  • During a time period when California’s prison population declined 12%, spending on prison guards increased by $500 million.
  • California only builds 44% of the housing it needs annually, costing the State $140 billion a year in economic output due to people who can’t afford to live and work in California (source: page 17).


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  1. I’m proud to say I’m one of this years out-migrators. My great grandfather moved out there in 1915. 104 years later the democrats have turned it into a nightmare.

  2. As a California resident I totally disagree. It’s not that they are inept. Far from it. They are accomplishing there exact agenda. If you wrote a script on how to destroy the greatest state in the union, they haven’t missed a beat. They lie, cheat, steal. All in the name of God knows what. But here’s the deal. Once they repeal Prop 13, we are Venezuela.

  3. I’ve got to say, my father was wise when he moved his family out of California some 50 years ago.

    Race riots, Manson family Murders and cultural decay were self evident even back then.

    Hat tip to my late father.

  4. PS
    Today California approved a shit load of money for cleaning up forests. I’m having more fun than should be legal pointing out that Trump was right after all on local community FB pages.

  5. time to put a wall around Kalipornia … while we’re at it, extend it to Oregon & Washington State … to keep all the asswipes from migrating their totalitarian Marxist agenda elsewhere.

    hell, for that matter … Washington, D.C.

    be a great project for someone to map out the Wall … around the Left Coast & the Northeast, so we can get back to taking back Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, the South & the Midwest & Mideast … keep the good parts of various state & build the Wall around those inside the shitholes that hate the US the most

  6. I’m hoping to not have to pull a Dad move and evacuate Virginia.

    But I am willing.

    Not my preference. Eventually there are no places to run to and you have to stand and fight.

  7. Been claiming refugee status in Texas since 2003. Made an extended 12 month visit in ’14, and the kids got enrolled in school… As a result… My Texas born kids HATE California. I’m talking thrown cups of sweet tea… H A T E!

  8. Comments like some of the above are why I quit consistently commenting here. Any idea how many assets (lets start with higher education and military contracts) that the federal government relies on from California for? No? Lets back up. Why would the union be willing to give away the 6th largest economy in the world. For Christ sake, just for tax revenue. Some of you hillbillies really need to grow a brain. The answer is not a fence or wall. The answer is the Feds taking over a failed state. The weathers here, I wish you were fine.

  9. I’m a relocated Colorado hillbilly….4 generations out the dookie chute…..there is NO salvation for Colorado or California and a few states to come. The vermin are being unloaded at the docks…..Kiss my hillbilly ass!….

  10. Live your dream Anonymous…..If you don’t think the country can’t live without California’s economy then your cleansing your cleft palette with Nancy Pelosi’s denture cream……..extra points for starting the name calling without making a point….Is that you Brad?….

  11. Ah poor Willy. Sharp as a Marble. Ok Willy. Ya know what NIF is? No? Well Stanford owns all that intellectual property even though the FEDS financed it. That’s DOE.
    Let’s back up to something more relevant. Whom designs all the Micro Electronics for our weapons systems and where are they located. Expanding, who designs the PVD systems to build our Military Micro Electronics and where are the located.
    Oh and fuck all those military bases. Especially China Lake.
    Dude, you need to stop commenting on shit you have no clue about.

  12. @ Anonymous Brad….Ya think all of those assets can’t be relocated further inland?….Ya don’t think that there’s some profound assets already here?….Hell, when California is vacated it could just become a huge military base……give me your number and you can put all of your CNC machines in a warehouse that costs you 1/4 of your rent. I’ll hook you up with a realtor. You can buy the damn warehouse space for 10 cents on California’s dollar and get a highly talented, enthusiastic work force that will bust their asses until you Californicate them…..

    There’s such a thing as phone calls, fax machines, the internet, priority shipping, text messages, etc. All information and product can be transferred immediately…..Gosh dangit, I sure haven’t missed you!!!!!!

    And Oh Yeah, why do you need the feds to bail your miserable asses out?…..I thought you were going to secede….

  13. “There’s such a thing as phone calls, fax machines, the internet, priority shipping, text messages,

    And there ya go. Willy, you’re still living in the 80’s. Go feed your goat and go to bed.

  14. What to know about world-wide liberalism:

    1. They hate their race.
    2. They hate their home country.
    3. They are excellent at manipulation and gaining power.
    4. They are terrible at governing.
    5. Morals are relative to what advances liberalism (like Islam)
    6. They don’t care if their country turns into an ash-heap, as long as they are still in charge of it.

  15. Anon – Whut California really needs now is Proposition H for all those Media-Influenced, Celebrity-Obsessed, Politically-Correct, Uninformed, Dope-Smoking, Short-Attention-Span, Free-Shit-Grabbing Liberal Hemorrhoids aimlessly wandering around in too much sun!

  16. @Anonymous December 31, 2019 at 10:35 pm

    > Any idea how many assets (lets start with higher education and military contracts) that the federal government relies on from California for?

    “Any idea how much Russian assets are/were in The Ukraine?”

    I’m American. Don’t give a rat’s ass. Ain’t mine. Ain’t my business.
    (I’m sure you loyal United States citizens “don’t” understand.)

  17. @willysgoatgruff January 1, 2020 at 12:21 am

    > @ Anonymous Brad….Ya think all of those assets can’t be relocated further inland?….

    Why turn right? When there’s three left turns available?

    (California [Sur] is a biological city-state. If you don’t have the wherewithal for ERDs, just shut off the “valves” [mechanical and electronic]. Everything of worth will still be there. When the stink stops.)

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