California Politicians Give Themselves Raises

California Globe: The spate of non-serious legislation passed by the California Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom would just be considered a silly extravagance if the state’s problems were all solved.

California still has a homeless epidemic, severe water shortage, empty reservoirs, imposed drastic water cuts to agriculture and ranchers, wildfires still burning, utilities cutting power, failing public education system, crime spikes throughout the state, the Huntington Beach oil spill, supply chain bottlenecks at the state’s ports, millions of angry parents over COVID vaccine school mandates, indoor mask mandates, the highest taxes in the nation, and the more than $1 trillion debt in unfunded public employee pension and retiree health care …

Is that all?

And Gov. Newsom is bragging about California’s COVID “case rate” success.

Except, as Assemblyman Kevin Kiley points out, “Currently, Florida’s case rate is lower than California’s. Florida has fared better in every respect, including age-adjusted mortality. Their kids have been in school without masks and businesses open without mandates.”

“Nonetheless, Newsom continues to brag about imposing vaccine mandates on young children – while opposing them for his biggest Special Interest donors,” Kiley says.

5 Comments on California Politicians Give Themselves Raises

  1. Like Congress, like Nevada, like NY, like NJ… Shit, some of them will raise your taxes at the same time. That includes the Republican controlled places, too.

  2. Politicians can give themselves Pat raises. Government can up the debt ceilings. Nice work if you can get it.

  3. The pay-off “raise” to politicians is the whole point to Biden’s false ‘covid relief” money, quiet as it’s kept.

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