“Get with the times, don’t be an a**h***”

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  1. This seems right, considering individuals and groups who follow this line of thinking tend to believe they are greater than one person. Or is that because of all the voices in their minds?

  2. While a person shouldn’t mock the mentally ill, it is even more important that we shouldn’t support mentally ill activity either.

  3. “They have been used in a singular context, even going back to Shakespearean times…”

    And men used to play women in Shakespeare’s plays. Didja know that, fruitie? I bet they shaved, though. Anyhow, I thought you people hated everything the dead white people did in the past. Now go shave. You look like a fool.

  4. Brad, so you CAN beat that with a stick!

    (“You can’t beat that with a stick” – one of my favorite expressions.)

  5. General Malaise
    Mu toxic masculinity prevents me from accepting that at any level. Might have something to do with my age too. lol

  6. “They, Them” are mentally deranged.
    If my opinion makes me an A**h*le, I’ll wear that moniker with glee and proudly.

  7. If I ran into that freak I’d kick him in the mangina so hard he’d have two Adam’s apples every time he got aroused. Damn freak show. My pronoun is Asshole.

  8. Apparently this dude also goes by the name Legion.
    F-ing idiots go by plural pronouns when the have multitudes of voices in their bat crap crazy craniums.

  9. “Get with the times, don’t be an a**h***”
    That’s not my a**h***, it’s my man-gina!

    Oh – and don’t let me find your daughter in a bathroom by herself…

  10. Well, asshole, my pronouns are FU_K YOU.

    WHAT? You dare to say my pronouns are not pronouns??? How dare you stifle my choices. Are you judging me??? Are you pronoun shaming me????

  11. I don’t get the confusion. Put your hand down your pants, if there is something sticking out, you are a dude. Full stop.

  12. Addison,catch a bus with your face.
    (it will reduce they’s Carbon footprint)

  13. So why do fags want to pretend to be women when fags are attracted to men?

    Guess I’m too old – it doesn’t make sense.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. Let’s get it right
    “Maybe I ought to tie that long hair on your head to the short hair on your ass and kick you down the street”

  15. Hey bearded clam, more pronouns for you – turd burglar, shit squirrel, anal receptor, Marmite miner and dung detective.

  16. There are a few things on earth I find absolutely repulsive… silverfish, faggots…

  17. I’m so old I remember when we would go to the circus and have to pay tw see a woman with facial hair…or a fat woman with TATTOOS, now all you have to do is go to WALMART!!!

  18. He’s correct that “they” is sometimes used to refer to one person, but it is used when the sex of the person is indeterminate. Instead of saying “he or she” it is common to say they.

  19. Oberlin is a nice little town just to the West of us, but the college shits out some of the most worthless, lazy, liberal skunks that you never want to hire! That joint aught to be sued for taking parent’s money in return for NOTHING!


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