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California Right-Wing Store Triggers Liberals

h/t Dadof4

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  1. I like that Pedophile Hunter tee, but I’m laughing (inside) about the reactions I’d get around here to a No Balls in Women’s Stalls tee!

    Side note: I couldn’t remember where Seal Beach is so looked it up. It’s in Orange County CA on the coast between Long Beach and Huntington Beach.

  2. It’s amazing how the left is so retarded. They really can’t see the disasters they have created with their politics.

    I like that he told them to their face they’re insane if they vote for Biden. It’s true.

    I think I’ll buy something from him too. He’s a refreshing island in a seq of stupid people, He should get my support and will.

    I love the comments from the left. It’s sweet to see them in such a state of outrage over normal and good things. That makes it SO easy to trigger them. Just be normal. You don’t even have to try.

    I did put in a tiny effort about a year ago when I visited my friend at his local golf club. I could tell the 30-ish bartender was not conservative so, at one point, I told her Trump was the best president she’ll ever have for the rest of her life, even if she can’t see it now.

    Oh boy. She couldn’t say what she wanted so the rest of the evening she was never happy to get me another ice tea and tried her best to find something wrong with me. It was hilarious. My friend was laughing all evening.

    I never said another political comment. She went all night on that one statement.

    The whole club is conservative. She wasn’t there for long.

  3. Stupid people don’t have a clue that they’re stupid. It’s why it’s pointless to discuss politics with them. But it is often possible to talk about basic principles, however, like ‘freedom’ or the Ten Commandments or The Bill Of Rights. And if you feel like it go from there down the garden path to their own contradictions. I don’t do that anymore, though. It’s a waste of time at my age.


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