California: Sea ‘Weed’ washes up on shore

KFI: Usually when you’re walking along the beach, you expect to see sand, seashells, driftwood and seaweed. Not actual ‘Sea weed.’

But that’s exactly what two men found last week when they were walking down the shore of West Beach near Santa Barbara. The pair spotted a bundle of ‘sea weed’ that had washed up on the beach, mixed in with the regular drift material seen.

Two men can be seen in the video which has been making the rounds on social media picking up and showing the camera a substantial amount of marijuana buds that were scattered around the beach. The weed was mixed in with regular seaweed and driftwood.

Harbor Patrol Supervisor Erik Engberetson told KEYT that they don’t know where the ‘sea weed’ came from, but it’s likely connected to a call they received on March 31st from a dredge company that said they saw the floating reefer out at sea.   MORE

8 Comments on California: Sea ‘Weed’ washes up on shore

  1. Sea gulls seen laying on their backs, basking in the sun.
    “Those are sure some funky clouds up there.”

  2. mmmm, salt-infused weed with just a touch of mold, toxic waste from all the liquefied trash, and just a pinch of cobalt/uranium left-overs from fukugima…. what’s not to like about it!!!

    Pass the papers & break out the bongs!


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