Comey was also behind the Scooter Libby frame-up

American Thinker: President Trump recently tweeted that firing former FBI director James Comey was something he was glad he did.

April 13, 2018


April 13, 2018

There’s some merit to that thought, because it turns out Comey wasn’t just the one at the heart of appointing his buddy, Robert Mueller to his current ‘get-Trump’ role as special counsel for the very-bogus Russia collusion investigation. He as also the guy who appointed Scooter Libby’s dishonest prosecutor, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, to a similar post.


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  1. The criminal has run the full Circuit, and he. is getting heavy bites on his posterior. He is about to reap what he has sown.

  2. Jim, you know you are a conniving, inept, careerist scumbag when even Jamie Gorelick says you are “damaging our democracy”.

  3. The Comey media parade begs one question: When did the FBI stop screening candidates for employment for mental illness?!

    Comey is an obvious narcissist, deluded by his own ‘integrity’ and self-importance.
    He claims that he is driven by a higher morality, and thinks everyone else has no integrity. What a huge pile of doodoo!
    The private sector tries hard to NOT hire such a screwed-up mess. But the government harbors legions of these damaging parasites.

  4. @Anon, Comey was never an agent, he was a political appointed lawyer, was never vetted by anybody with more intelligence than a housefly.

  5. @OpenTheDoor, yes, but
    Did any of the myriad of duty bound agents that draw salaries and pensions raise ANY red flags? Even anonymously. Or through the so often-occuring ‘leaks’.

    Hell no. They’re all latched on to a teat and could give a shit about anyone but themselves.
    I will never tolerate their ‘duty’ and “higher calling’ sermons again.

    ESAD FBI ! All you shitweasels. ALL.

  6. Does the FBI have a file on Trump for questioning obola’s “certificate of birth” ??

    Maybe the golden showers slander idea initiated from obama’s mama’s orgies.

  7. “When did the FBI stop screening candidates for employment for mental illness?!” about the time Obama stopped screening military recruits for the same.


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