Amazing Archival Footage of 1911 NYC

This footage was taken by a Swedish company visiting America. The footage has been speed corrected and looped with pretty convincing sound (except for the bubbling water sound during the ferry sequence.)

This is the same year as the infamous Triangle Shirt Waist Factory fire.

20 Comments on Amazing Archival Footage of 1911 NYC

  1. Very cool!
    I can hear the filmmaker, “ Nevermind me, just go ahead sir…you’re looking at the camera…stop looking at the camera!”

  2. It was a refreshing walk down America’s Memory Lane and yes they did dress nicely. Courtesy seemed to rule. One odd thing I noticed at 6:19. Was that two guys holding hands, in 1911??

  3. It was easier to pay attention to the details with the sound muted.
    Very cool.
    Even with the horse manure everywhere there was no trash.
    I got a kick out of the technology. The ferries, cars, city trains, factories in the background. Really fun to watch.

  4. So I noticed the steering wheels are on the right side in these cars. I’ve often wondered about that – So they started out on the right everywhere? When did they switch to left side in US and why? Anybody know?

  5. Wonderful video. The added sound still needs work, off-balance. It really wasn’t that irritating and noisy.

  6. @Lisl ~ Henry Ford started the Model T in 1908 w/ a left-side steering wheel. He thought it was easier for passengers to get in & out w/out going into the street (so the story goes) … everyone imitates success
    later, it was deemed safer for the driver to be on the left side so he/she could better judge the distance from oncoming traffic (so the story goes)

  7. I was enjoying that…But around the 2 minute mark..

    I caught sight of a finely turned ankle…and I got the Vapors.


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