California Terrorists Caught – K9 Sniffed Out a Bottle of Advil, Leading to the Discovery of a Cache of Fishing Knives


Two Escondido, California, high school students—ages 16 and 18—could see their whole lives derailed because they committed the crime of keeping fishing supplies in cars they parked on school property.


The elder teen, Brandon Cappelletti, had three knives in his car: the remnants of a family fishing trip. The knives were used to cut lines and filet fish. The younger teen, Sam Serrato, had a pocketknife in his glove compartment. His father had left it there.

Both teens are facing expulsion. Cappelletti, a legal adult, could serve jail time if convicted of weapons charges, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

I feel safer now that these cops did their job.
Crisis averted.
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  1. Praise the Lord these guy were caught before any damage could be done er to anymore unsuspecting fish.

    The sinister plot included catching the fish, opening them up slightly to shove Advil in them and then releasing them back into the school hallways where they would explode when the students pick them up.

  2. When I went to school I had a lever action 30-30 in the gun rack on the back window in my pickup. The kid who parked next to me had a double barrel
    12. I kept it in my locker during school hours.

  3. My shotgun was in plain sight on a gun rack of my 56 Ford F100 pickup truck so that I could go bird hunting after school. Of course the truck was locked, no harm, no foul. Of course this was back in the early 70’s. And most of us had pocket knives on us and we never stabbed anyone or shot anybody. Fights were usually decided by beating the snot out of each other back then or by the gym teacher making them put on boxing gloves and duke it out and shake hands afterwards. I miss simpler times when this was no big deal. Even the teachers had guns back then and weren’t afraid of them.

  4. It’s so much more than that. We’re conditioning this generation to accept arrest/search anytime, anywhere for anything. “Son, we you goin’ with that fingernail clipper?” Totalitarianism achieved. My kids went on a shooting campout with the boy scouts (thank God for the scouts – riffles and shotgun) My 11 year old was all gung ho about sharing some spent shells with his school friends. Luckily, I checked his pockets. Do you know how many levels of hell we avoided? We then had a long chat that we should’ve NEVER had to have. Most kids won’t ever get that chat.

  5. Like stated above, when I went to high school some of the boys would go hunting before school started , came home , cleaned up and went to school with their guns left on the racks of their pick ups.
    Reagan was president. Life was good.

  6. I used to always carry a pocket knife in school. However, mom had cancer and dad wanted me to carry a pager in case he needed me home for mom at a moments notice. I would have been suspended if caught with the pager, so no one knew I had it, not even my best friend. Now students walk around with cell phones openly and knives are the problem… What happened?

  7. We live in trying times.
    This is the result of our “leaders” making and enforcing the laws that we have, mistakenly, refused to do.
    Our laws are NOT supposed to be the dictates of wise “lawgivers” but the general consensus of common sense, as We, the People, understand it.

    We have given away much.

  8. Obviously, Cappelletti is the surname of known muslim terrorists worldwide.
    In the past, school officials would have reason to fear reprisals from someone named Cappelletti. “Nice school you have there, ‘be a shame if something was to happen to it”.

  9. It’s time to give back the schools to their localities. Disband the federal teachers unions and give the PTA more authority. They can hire who they want and enforce the rules they want. Then, if parents have issues with them, the PTA has final say to change them (rules and teachers/administrators).

  10. FYI – If you follow the links, you’ll get to the story where the charges were dropped, and they’re cleared to return to school Wednesday.

  11. What I want to know is how schools get away with writing laws.
    There is no law against an adult carrying a knife in his vehicle at any location in the state of California.
    Also, Advil is not a controlled substance so the basis for the initial search is invalid.
    Criminal charges need to be brought against the principle of the school for denying civil rights under color of law. If convicted, he/she/it would be unable to harm our kids for a long long time.

  12. What has happened to us? Ben Carson said it at last night’s puke in.
    ” America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism,its morality, and its spiritual life. IF WE CAN undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” Dr Ben was quoting Josef Stalin
    Stalin’s philosophy is quite healthy here today dontyathink?

  13. Years ago, my employer allowed weapons on their property if locked in the vehicle and out of sight. Great! Then a more progressive company acquired them and the new rule was no weapons of any kind were allowed onto their property under any circumstances. Random vehicle searches were made and termination was certain if caught. I made the decision that I would not be forced to travel to and from work unable to defend myself. From that point, I simply carried on my body what they didn’t want in the vehicle. I did this for thirteen years until I retired. They never knew, my co-workers never knew, my best friend never knew and my wife never knew. Only I knew. It’s amazing what you can do when you know how to keep a secret.

  14. Meanwhile, a muslim coward named mohammed goes into a Jewish restaurant and hacks up people with a machete–it’s dubbed “random violence” by media & law enforcement.

  15. Zero Competence Policies.

    The only people that need to be expelled are the school board, the district superintendent, and the principal of the school.

  16. Manufactured probable cause. Since they didn’t find any illegal drugs, any search warrant would seem void; they have to state what they are looking for. That dog didn’t smell the knives.

    California can’t fall into the ocean soon enough for me.
    I always carried a pocket knife to school in the LAUSD system. And we were MUCH SAFER back then, you fukkin idiots!!!!!

  17. Like many others here, I carried a pocket knife at school. I never had a gun in a gun rack, but I did ask my auto shop teacher to come look at a .22LR semiautomatic pistol with me, which I wound up trading a small, basket-case motorcycle for. Then later, I sold the pistol to the son of a policeman, right out in the high school parking lot. He took the gun for some ridiculously low price (which I forget now), on the condition that it checked out in police records, which it did. No one was harmed in any of the transactions, and no one got in trouble. The good ol’ days.

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