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Californian’s Chance To Vote To Silence Themselves

Promoted as an Anti-Citizens United measure and a way to get corporate money out of politics, California’s Proposition 59, attempts to restrict the free speech of all associations.   They also see it as a stepping stone to amending the Constitution to impose these limitations on collective free speech nationally.




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  1. “…attempts to restrict the free speech of all associations. They also see it as a stepping stone to amending the Constitution to impose these limitations on collective free speech nationally.”

    This is right out of the Leftist playbook. Call it what you will – gradualism, being nibbled to death by ducks or a death of a thousand papercuts – but Leftists are in it for the long haul.

    Their darling the Soviet Union collapses like a house of evil cards in 1990? What do they do? Do they realize their precious socialism is a FAILED ideology? Nope; hey refuse to see reality. Instead, many of them switched over to the billions-funded Environmental Industry (which was initially cooked up and funded by the KGB – no surprise why Earth Day is on Lenin’s birthday). From within the Environmental Industry they knew they could foist their fuckheaded ideas and business-killing regulations on normal, rational people.

    All four branches of Socialism are FAILED ideologies:
    Progessivism (American branch of socialism)
    National Socialism (WWII Germany & Spain and current day Venezuala)

  2. ….and another thing. About this Leftist campaign against the Supreme Court Citizens United decision, what the Mainstream Media will NEVER tell you that they don’t include associations such as labor unions in their definition of “associations”

  3. When will these mouthy California Shitpickles die and rot? The rest of the states, excluding WA and OR, are truly awaiting the finish of the golden piss state. We don’t want, and will not tolerate their brand of ‘do as we say, does not apply to US, just you!’ regimes. they can stick all their fuckwad lefty, commie, fairy propositions up their assholes. If they can’t reach them, we will help!. No jobs, no water, full of commies, choking on fairies, over-run with self-absorbed has-been camera pigs looking for that perfect role. Who needs them? America sure doesn’t.

  4. Voir Dire
    Just curious, you did catch the part where Montana and Colorado have already voted FOR such legislation right?
    The problem is how the left sells this shit to the voters. “Get Cooperate Money Out Of Politics”. Then they have the California (or what ever state) Teachers and Nurses association back it. Who can’t you trust if not a teacher. They rammed Prop 47 (might have that wrong) down our throats a couple years ago. Early release of non Violent felons. Well as they say the devils in the details and now crime is sky rocketing. They’re selling this legislation just like prop 47. And it will probably pass. And it doesn’t have shit to do with state lines. The conservatives need to get off their asses and start trying to expose this crap.

  5. Thats a huge joke….Trump presidency costing money. The old estimates (higher now thanks to Barky’s standoff against oil drilling) is $201,600 PER HOUR IN THE AIR for Air Force One. That means just in maintenance and fuel cost alone, every time Barky and Moochie take off for another vacation abroad, if flying time is 14 hours, it costs taxpayers $2,822,400 each way in flight costs alone. Every time hotpants Houlihan Hussein gets itchy crotch and flies off for a Reggie boner, we pay $806,400 for Barky’s hole to get stuffed in airfare alone, if three hours flying time will get his whoreship there. Everytime Moochie decides to go on a getaway from the oppressive USA citizens every few weeks, year after year, we pay $1,612,800 each way to Hawaii. These estimates do not include hotel fees, vacation villa fees, security details and their costs and upkeep, food tasters, limosines, ad nauseum. Yeah you fuckwad dhimmos…Trump is a big big spender. You asshats need to check facts once every now and then!

  6. Glad you mentioned that, Bad_Brad. DC usually ties this shitpickle with federal funds for schools, etc. But Texas and some other states are telling DC to shove it. I hope Trump can go into oval office as our next President and reverse these commie tidal waves created over half a century ago from FDR and his ilk. Damn Lydon B Johnson to three times hotter hell than where he finds himself now.

  7. Voir Dire
    I’m sure that everyone that posts here is diligent enough to try and research exactly what they are voting for. Unfortunately the rest of the county makes their decisions based on radio spots. Not good.

  8. It doesn’t matter what you vote on in California. If the democrat establishment doesn’t want it, it either gets overturned in the courts or not enforced or funded by the state government. It’s as simple as that.

  9. It’s important to un-level the playing field in favor of labor unions and other leftie organizations in order to make the entire state of California look like a Spanish-speaking Detroit.

  10. @Bad_Brad. I hear you brother and totally agree. The trojan horse fly is the bit where the NWO Intelligentsia persuaded the masses to believe the NWO knows more about everything than humble peons could ever hope to comprehend. This may apply to those with college educations, or without. When I went for my BA and MS degrees, the liberals and Left were trying to get a foothold in advanced education, but hadn’t yet. Now, its too late, They grabbed it by the throat and choked the chicken to death (pun intended). In the past 30 yrs of liberal education, the intelligentsia hold the mantra “shut up and do what you are told. We know better than you ever could.” Intelligentsia definition: intellectuals considered as a group or class, especially as a cultural, social, or political elite, who believe less in noblesse oblige’ and more in supreme and absolute autocracy. Just an interesting observation on my part.

  11. California has a long standing tradition of voter integrity? The oldest voter in the state is 200 years old, The democrats have a dead voter file that may range in the thousands if any thing they want is not acceptable to the voters. Has anyone in authority tried to clean this mess up, the answer is no. I’ll bet most dead voters are confirmed democrats.

  12. Voir Dire
    The sad news is they’ve turned our schools into a brain washing machine. They started taking them over in the late sixties to early seventies. And now they’re after our military. We bet start wising up fast.

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