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California’s New Snitch Line Lets Residents Report “Hateful Activity”

Red State

Here’s another example of leftists being authoritarian under the guise of trying to protect marginalized groups. California has rolled out a program ostensibly designed to stop hate crimes and other acts of bigotry.


By creating a hotline allowing residents to snitch on one another for engaging in “hateful” activity. More

18 Comments on California’s New Snitch Line Lets Residents Report “Hateful Activity”

  1. “This is the type of program that could easily be taken to a dark place despite its supposedly noble intentions.”

    There is nothing noble about this endeavor, giving the usual race/gender pimps one more megaphone, more social capital, and one more way of elevating their status. As if all the protected classes weren’t privileged enough, now they get even more authority to proclaim their victimhood and make everyone hate each other even more.

  2. Newsome, Bass, Pelosi, 2/3 of the California Assembly, Zuckerberg, all sorts of Karens, transgenders who complain about using wrong pronouns – man, I can’t wait to start dialing for dollars.

  3. Everyone is fair game……especially DildoCrat and RINO politicians. Let the phone lines ring!

  4. “Stitches for Snitches”

    Himmler and Beria would be proud.
    CA joins the ranks of tyrannies everywhere and everywhen.

    This will unleash GENUINE hatred – not that negro and pervert pretend hatred.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Exactly like the USSR and China and every other Marxist shithole on Earth. The pond scum rat out their family, friends, and acquaintances for sport or to get their stuff.

    Anyone found to be ratting out people like this should be disappeared.

  6. I believe England tried something similar not too long ago, and their official contact numbers were flooded with pictures of middle fingers and dick pics. I’d say something similar needs to happen here.

  7. A long time ago CA had a 1-800-REPORT SMOG line, you could call with the license plate of an egregious polluter and they would get called in for a smog check.
    Yeah, that didn’t work out as they hoped either.


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