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California’s Reparations Plan Could Cost Over $800 Billion

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After economists estimated that California’s reparations plan could spend as much as $800 billion, the leader of the state’s “reparations task force” has refused to commit to such a staggering amount.

According to ABC News, the $800 billion figure would be paid to all black residents in the state in return for past historical circumstances such as slavery and segregation, as well as alleged “racism” in policing, incarceration rates, and housing.

“All forms of discrimination should be considered in reparations,” said Thomas Craemer, a public policy professor at the University of Connecticut, in testimony before the panel. “The task force should feel free to go beyond our loss estimates, and determine what the right amount would be.”

But on Wednesday, the task force’s chair, Kamilah Moore, said the final decision on the exact amount will be left up to the California state legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.).

“The task force is pretty much done regarding the compensation component,” Moore said in an email. “Our task was to create a methodology for calculation for various forms of compensation that correspond with our findings.” more here

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  1. take it out of the ukranian budget item.

    all of the us citizens are going to be on the hook for this.

    what a shame we let the radicals from the 60’s prove they really didn’t know anything about the real world. Too much dope.

  2. All of that windfall reparations will be spent and gone within 3 to 6 months and then they’ll demand even more reparations from Whitey. Cadillac dealers, fast food and fried chicken restaurants, sales of watermelons and fancy hair style places for da black women will all be the greatest beneficiaries of this ill-gotten gain until the money runs out, mark my words. None of it or very little of it will be spent on anything that benefits blacks in the long run.

  3. All the free shit in the world doesn’t bring any satisfaction, only the demand for more and more free shit in perpetuity. And it’s all Whitey’s fault. Did the blood sacrifice of over 600,000 Americans both Union and Confederate to save this nation from the evils of slavery even count anymore or was that all in vain.

  4. Further to Geoff Aardvark’s comment, the same thing happens in Canada only with the 1.5 million Native population. They claim to be “First Nations” yet constantly demand money from the Canadian government for reparations for the Residential Schools and for their annual budgets. The chiefs and the chiefs’ families on the reserves get rich, the rest live in poverty unless they are smart enough to move to the cities, get jobs and pay taxes like the rest of us.

  5. Two thoughts on this:
    First, I don’t think it will ever happen, but we’re talking about California, so who knows. But anyway…
    They should run the numbers on anyone applying for this BS and deduct every cent they’ve ever received from the government. Some of them would own money when it was all said and done.
    Second: Every conservative in California should immediately change the withholding on their tax forms to the minimum, claim ten kids, whatever you have to do to make your taxes withheld as close to zero as possible. Then, when April 15 rolls around, all of these citizens should just refuse to pay. They can’t jail everyone, and it would bankrupt the state (more bankrupt)

  6. Reparations Airlines – Don’t like it here, go the F home.
    13% of the population commits 54% of the crime.
    Reparations should be paid by the governments that rounded them up and put them on the boat in the first place.

  7. Need moe money quick! My legal defense fund will be drying up faster than I can change my Depends. Bastards are gang banging me with lawsuits. Send me every dollar you got. F reparations, I come first.

  8. All blacks will pay the ultimate price if this shit comes to pass. Sellouts and thieves.

    They will NEVER again be looked at with any respect by non-POCs.
    Nor should they.

    This reality should be spelled out to them clearly, because afterward there will be MUCH resentment and infighting by the POCs who are decent people and want no part of this.

  9. @geoff the aardvark
    AT 10:19 AM
    “All of that windfall reparations will be spent and gone within 3 to 6 months…”

    No kidding. In the 60s and 70s the Klamath Indians decided to approve the federal government’s offer to disband the tribe in exchange for millions of dollars distributed to each tribe member. Some of them invested the money wisely, but many blew it on cars, boats, and other frivolous crap. Fast forward to the 90s when Indian tribes discovered riches to be made from casinos, and they decided to re-constitute the tribe, and got federal approval to do so. And the millions in “reparations” were never repaid.

  10. Reparations from a state that never allowed slaves,
    paid by taxpayers who never owned slaves,
    to people who were never slaves.

    Seems like a great idea, what’s your problem?

  11. Universal truth- people demanding something that they haven’t earned will never care about what they have. See the Indian reservations for details.
    It’s never enough.

  12. Another category of reparations would be for aborted fetuses of black slave descendants who coulda shoulda woulda had a great life if they mamas hadn’t aborted them due to white oppression.

  13. … gimme suitcases full of cheap jewelry and the addresses of those ni__ers!

    The dope and muscatel dealers are gonna make out like gangbusters.
    Popeyes, Church’s, and KFC best stock up!
    Oh, yeah, those hair extension places, too.
    Waffle House be fine dining – dinner and a chimp-out.

    “Be careful what you wish, it may come true.”

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