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West Virginia Bans Sex Change Surgeries for Minors

American Greatness: On Wednesday, West Virginia became the latest state to pass a bill into law banning the practice of so-called “gender transition” surgeries on minors.

As reported by Politico, Governor Jim Justice (R-W.V.) signed the bill forbidding anyone under the age of 18 from being given puberty blockers or other forms of “hormone therapy.” Children under 18 are now also prohibited from undergoing surgeries to mutilate or remove their genitalia, in what far-left activists falsely describe as “gender-affirming care.”

The law, which takes effect in January 2024, does make an exception for anyone who is diagnosed with gender dysphoria by at least two doctors, one of whom must be a mental health provider. The bill also allows doctors to prescribe hormone therapy if the patient in question is considered at-risk for self-harm or suicide.

Gender dysphoria is the official term for transgenderism, a mental illness in which someone believes their “gender identity” to be different from their actual biological gender. In an effort to rewrite language, pro-trans activists have claimed that one’s gender is something that is simply “assigned” at birth by the attending physician, rather than an irreversible biological fact based on one’s sexual organs. more

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  1. We’ve had a great demonstration as to just how bad our medical doctors are with the details coming out on the vaccine shot they all stood by and saying nothing out of fear. I’m sure if sex change operations were actually investigated we’d find similar findings.

  2. Physicians can’t change sex through surgery – they’re mutilating the healthy organs of men, women, and children and are, additionally, lying about it to their patients.

    Name ONE man who bore a child after having his dick cut off.
    Name ONE woman who sired a child after having a dick sewn on.

    This is Satanic-level Evil – not the “run-of-the-mill” nazi/socialist-gulag-death-camp type evil.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. We have 28 Red states in this country. I don’t understand why they are not enacting similar legislation!
    What I truly don’t understand is why this shit isn’t ALREADY covered under child abuse laws!!! For crying out loud, a kid has to get an authorization form signed by the parents to go on a 3 hr field trip, but they can go ahead get LIFE ALTERING gender surgury because they feel like it???
    How fucked up is fucked up?


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