Calm Down – It’s a Cultural Thing

And before you Islamophobes go condemning this poor guy, hear him out. He has a valid explanation.

10-Year-Old Boy Brutally Raped By Iraqi Migrant at Pool in Vienna

An Iraqi migrant has admitted to raping a ten year old boy in a Viennese swimming pool so ferociously that the boy had to be hospitalised for his injuries. The man said he knew it was wrong but couldn’t help himself as he hadn’t had sex in months.

See. He hadn’t had sex with a 10 year-old boy in months.

ht/ Jerry Manderin

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  1. You want a reason why they shouldn’t be eradicated, eh. Well, there’s uhh, there’s the uhh, I uhh…I got nothing.

  2. According to the Koran sex with preadolescent boys is not homosexuality and is allowed even without the boy’s consent in most cases.
    I fully expect NAMBLA to take up Sharia as a legal defense very soon.

  3. Read The Haj by Leon Uris. It contains all you need to know about our swarthy friends.
    It contains the old Arab saying:
    For children, a woman
    For pleasure, a boy
    For ecstasy, a melon.

    Too bad its not the 1800’s, we could take the bastard to some Arapaho women and inform them he is a coward who surrendered.

  4. It beats the shit out of me why the West is self- inflicting this plague.
    Don’t we already have enough non assimilated subcultures destroying our society?
    Imported by the gross, the result will be the destruction of life as we know it.
    And meanwhile, those opposed to this invasion are branded as the terrorists.

    Note to enablers: you also will be eliminated when the vermin take over. (If not beforehand…)

  5. hey mohammad, Just state emphatically you did not have sexual relations with that young boy, say your indiscretion is between him, your wife and your God. You won’t be indicted, prosecuted or jailed
    …………… worked for the Bill Clinton, our national pervert.

  6. If Mecca and Medina were reduced to radioactive glass, would their entire religion not be shown to be irrevocably false…as in, there in nothing in the Koran which would be able to explain it away as “Allah” would have been shown to be utterly unable to stop it?

    Might it be worth investigating?

  7. Now under their OWN law, homosexuality is a death sentence…sex with a ten year old boy is a homosexual act…Hang the fuckin’ muzzies! Just like they do fags in their country.

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