Camille Paglia: Hillary Clinton ‘is a completely hollow woman’

WaEx: “She is a completely hollow woman,” Camille Paglia said, reflecting on Hillary Clinton’s disastrous bid for the presidency six months after the former secretary of state fell to Donald Trump.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner on Tuesday, Paglia, who voted for Jill Stein in November, recalled red flags from the earliest days of Clinton’s candidacy, pointing to her dependence upon artificial policy positions carefully manufactured in Brooklyn with the help of polls and focus groups.

“Hillary, when she first declared that she was a candidate,” the bestselling author explained, “they asked her about her policies… and she refused to answer.”

“They had to poll for her to find out what her policies were,” said Paglia, delineating Clinton’s failures with a detectable air of exasperation. “She was waiting for all her people to sift through polling data. They had to poll for her to find out what her policies were.”  MORE

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  1. She voted for Jill Stein? I quit reading after that sentence because she has no credibility in her assessment of Killary.

  2. That’s why she practiced avoiding the Trump Hug at debates. He’d have rung her like a bell.

  3. We dodged a planet killing cunteroid last November. It was a sign from God, a last chance.

  4. The only thing hillary stands for is hillary. She is devoid of principles. She will do whatever it takes to get elected office and stay in power. She does not order a drink at Starbucks before poll testing popular choices of Starbucks drinks. ‘Hollow’ is a good word to describe her. She is empty of anything. What has she ever accomplished outside of politics? Her life is nothing but lies, corruption, pandering, and manipulation. And the left worships her.

  5. Buck T, that is why her PAC to raise money for Dem candidates rings hollow; She has never raised a single dime for anybody but a Clinton, and she never will. Even the dumbest Dem knows that.

  6. I’ve always liked Camille. Haven’t agreed with a number of her views over the years but she’s not shy and will give a better argument then Ann Coulter. In any event I suspect she voted for Stein because even as a liberal she couldn’t vote for Clinton and she didn’t agree with Trump (or perhaps she disliked him). Don’t forget that the Stein didn’t start her shenanigans (some might call fraud but whatever) until after the country voted and I wish the Examiner reporter had asked her about how she felt about Stein now. I imagine it would be with the same distaste that most of the Green voters feel. Prior to the election people looked at Stein as the Democrat protest vote much that same as Ralph Nadar when he ran. There was also a Libertarian out there who acted as a Republican protest vote as well.

  7. Typical Paglia. Full of wisdom, but only safely after the fact.
    Not a word against Hilary from Paglia before the election.
    And Paglia thinks Jill Stein should be POTUS.

    I’m beginning to think that lacking the Y chromosome may be a disqualifier for politics.
    The modern Left is entirely built upon, and now largely led by, the XX half of the Republic.

    The Left is causing me to reconsider the wisdom of the 19th A.

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