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Watch Notre Dame crowd’s reaction when some Lefty students walk out on VP Pence’s speech

100% Fed Up: VP Mike Pence gave the commencement address at Notre Dame today. The left just had to protest…

As Vice President Mike Pence began his remarks at Notre Dame’s commencement ceremony Sunday, dozens of graduates walked out in protest of the Trump administration’s policies.
More than 100 students participated in the planned protest, which was aimed at showing the student’s discontent with the Trump administration’s policies on LGBT rights and people of color, the student group We StaND wrote in a statement ahead of the ceremony.


Notre Dame, a predominately Catholic university, is located in South Bend, Ind. — the state where Pence served as governor prior to becoming vice president.

The gripe on Pence is old news but the left had to protest anyway:
“During his time as governor of the state of Indiana and now as Vice-President, Pence has targeted the civil rights protections of members of the LGBT community, rejected the Syrian refugee resettlement program, supported an unconstitutional ban of religious minorities, and fought against sanctuary cities,” the students wrote in a statement. “All of these policies have marginalized our vulnerable sisters and brothers for their religion, skin color, or sexual orientation.”

Watch how the crowd boos these losers:

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  1. These “graduates” are going to have a very hard time dealing in the real world. Petulant children that they are, they are not prepared to leave their little sandbox, and will suffer accordingly.

  2. It wasn’t really a protest – these liberal studies graduates wanted to be the first in line to submit their resumes as baristas and janitors.

  3. From what I saw of the marchers, perhaps fat ugly and stupid is a way to go through life (paraphrasing Dean Wormer). What a bunch of spoiled, classless pussies. This is the left. They destroy everything they come into contact with. Graduation is supposed to be a day of civilized decorum and celebration. NO. Their politics are more important than anything, and anyone. These people are such worms, and the big cities are crawling with them.

  4. These imbeciles want to bring more savage muslims into their communities. Coincidently, savage muslims want to kill these imbeciles. Sounds like a match made in heaven!
    If only we could bring these two dispicable groups together without collateral damage to decent, normal Americans.

  5. Why can’t they keep their perversions to themselves?

    What the fuck is it with these “people?”

    The Benjamites of Gibeah. “So all who fell of Benjamin that day were twenty-five thousand men who drew the sword; all these were men of valor.”
    And also ALL fags.
    (Judges 20:46, NKJV)

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. An employer is going to need kinesic interviewing skills and questions designed to suss out commies and comm-symps. These are saboteurs.

  7. I bet they were so proud of themselves. High fives and atta-boys all around as they smugly slapped themselves on the back for being so “woke.”


  8. The “look at me crowd” walks out in protest when they are typically protesting to be accepted as “equal” and not looked at differently. Fail.

  9. New university graduation policy–diplomas are handed out at the end of the ceremony. Any student, displaying rude behavior, or walking out in protest of a speaker and disrupting the ceremony, will not receive their diploma.

  10. Man–If they didn’t show up, then they wouldn’t have been able to walk out on the VP. In other words, no one would have noticed. Today’s leftist SJW pansies just HAVE to have an audience for their stunts.

  11. Imagine being the parents, after spending 40k a year, prepared to celebrate with their little darlings on this special occasion as they receive their diplomas. Nope.

    Just a slap in the face.

  12. The vast majority stayed, booed the protesters, and were respectful. Those are the grads we should focus on.

  13. Most of these newly hatched Lefties plan to work for Gubbamint.
    I expect most will default into Education “jobs”. It’s about all they aren’t inherently disqualified for.
    Low entry bar, low expectations once hired, low or no accountability or measurable work results. Lots of comforting assurances of financial stability/safety nets/safe spaces for the “bold young Revolutionaries “.

  14. How many of those who walked out will be dead or incapacitated by opium addiction in a few years? “Sorry, no Narcan for YOU!” -Odin the Narcan Nazi

  15. It’s been a while since I attended a graduation, youngest daughter graduated from Whittier College, Nixon’s alma mater. It’s Quaker, but don’t call them that!
    It’s Friends, there wasn’t a lot of “celebration”. Hell, they don’t even keep a “standing in class” list.
    Anyway, what’s the deal with all the flash shawls?
    Getting ready for that career at Friday’s?

  16. Irony Curtain.
    “These imbeciles want to bring more savage muslims into their communities.”
    I respectfully disagree.
    These imbeciles want to bring more savage muslims into YOUR communities.

  17. I know and have dealt with a bunch of ND grads. Fifty plus percent, brilliant. Twenty percent, pompous jackasses, the rest, should have spent their money and time at Purdue.

  18. Gotta love the blond white WASP chicks wearing pseudo-faux-African neckerchief thingies.
    From Amazon Prime.

    “Oh stewardess, may I help? I speak Jive.”

  19. I bet they’re all wondering what businesses they can apply at where they can fully implement their mad gender studies skillz.

  20. Notre Dame hasn’t been Catholic for a couple of decades now. It’s getting harder and harder to even find a truly Catholic High School, let alone college or university. Bad, mean Catholics (and all who practice the Christian faith) are just mean and nasty and want to stop everybody’s fun. Meanies.


    To me, that lecture by Jordan Peterson pretty much ID’s what these people’s problem is. Liberalism is Low IQ. Sure, somebody can acquire competence in one field and still not have that expertise carry forward to competence in general which sort of explains why stupid people (liberals) can still often appear to do well.

  22. These ignorant, queer, snow flake atheists, don’t even know who “Notre Dame” is. I doubt they have ever recited The Rosary, received communion, or even gone to Mass.

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