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“Campaign of Cringe”: Just how desperate is Liz Warren?

Patriot Retort:

Well, desperate enough to think the key to turning her flagging campaign around is desperately pandering to the all-important “trans kids” base in Iowa.

Mary Margaret Olohan✔@MaryMargOlohan

Warren says that she will have a “young trans person” interview her future Secretary of Education and only hire this future secretary if the young trans person approves.

This in reference to a question about sex education/LGBTQ history in public schools.

You know, last summer I said that Kirsten Gillibrand was the worst candidate in the history of Presidential elections.

I hereby retract that statement.

Because Desperately Pandering Lizzy here is making Kirsten Gillibrand look like a campaigning genius. read more

11 Comments on “Campaign of Cringe”: Just how desperate is Liz Warren?

  1. The fake Indian has been desperate her entire life.
    In the meantime, I’m gonna get me a beer (to wash down my popcorn.)

  2. Could you imagine that harpie
    representing the USA on the world stage ?
    I am sure X-PING,Eye-Atolla,rocket boy and Pooter
    will take her real seriously…

  3. Time for Lizzy and Jizzy to have a heart attack and bow our somewhat graciously instead of continually displaying what a stupid ass she is.

  4. Her outlandish behavior is a measure of how stupid she thinks her voters are. They’re just too stupid to notice.

  5. Can you imagine being so obsessed by a notion that you’d lie, cheat, steal, and be-clown yourself? There has to be a pretty hefty payback.
    Obola went from a gross worth of $250,000 to $40,000,000, so there’s that.
    But Fauxohontas is already a $Millionaire, as is Bloomberg and BS, so it isn’t just the financial gain that allures.
    Fauxohontas is 70. She’s old enough to know she looks like a fool – and yet she still doesn’t care!
    Is it significant that she was born on the anniversary of Operation Barbarossa?

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Just how important can a young person trans kid be? They don’t represent squat but are being used by the democraps because they’re a supposed minority that is underrepresented. They’re far too young to vote and they also represent probably far less than 1/10,000 (and probably even less) thousandth of a percent of the total population of over 300,000.000 people. The democraps are going to lose so big in this years Presidential election that they won’t know what hit them and yet they keep marching toward oblivion and Sodom and Gomorrah.

  7. Desperately Pandering Lizzy is desperately seeking Susan (fka Steven).
    Desperation is not a pretty sight.


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