Hunter Biden ex-wife spotted dining with Michelle Obama at Georgetown restaurant

WaEx: As Hunter Biden battles a contentious paternity battle with a former stripper in Arkansas, his ex-wife Kathleen was spotted eating dinner on Wednesday with Michelle Obama at French restaurant Brasserie Liberté in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

Kathleen Biden has leaned on Obama since she divorced former Vice President Joe Biden’s son. “One of her closest friends is Michelle Obama. They hang out a lot,” a source told the New York Post last year. read more

21 Comments on Hunter Biden ex-wife spotted dining with Michelle Obama at Georgetown restaurant

  1. Rebounding from a disastrous marriage to the cad Hunter Biden, she’s taking comfort in the company of a real man.

  2. They were actually catching up and talking about the kids. Wonderful. Now for some real news, tell us who ValJar is dining with.

  3. Oh No! She’s gonna bang Mike now too?!?!?

    or am I getting confused with Bo’s Widow?

    I is/was a pretty close family from what has been said but not really printed in the common media.

  4. WDS JANUARY 31, 2020 AT 6:19 AM
    “With the Secret Service making bets on who was gonna pick up the tab first.”

    …No bets, because there’s no mystery. The taxpayer ALWAYS picks up the tab with Democrats…

  5. If you look close you’ll notice that Mooch doesn’t have her eyebrows drawn on she just shaves everything else around them.

  6. Did they get seated in the kids playground area you know the one with the Jungle Gym and the fake trees you can swing from?

  7. gin blossom JANUARY 31, 2020 AT 9:06 AM
    “If you look close you’ll notice that Mooch…”

    …thanks, but I’ve seen ENOUGH ugliness in life and will NOT be looking closely at …that…THING…

    …I’ll take your word for it, tho…

  8. Weirdly reminiscent of Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch meeting on the tarmac in Phoenix … before … y’know … the FBI’s investigation against HRC’s treasonous acts of selling Top Secret and Highly Classified material through a secret server was short-circuited.

    I’m sure it’s just a coincidence … prolly blabbing about chirrens or granchirrens or some such shit … or swappin recipes …

    izlamo delenda est …


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