Campus Joke About “Hookers” Concerns State Rep – Time For Her To Look For More Meaningful Work


So the entire feminist thing is a big giant joke, right? Women are not strong like men at all. They are spun sugar, fragile Faberge Eggs who need government intervention to save them from old, eye-roll inducing jokes.

I demand they remove the White House Entrance sign. Too antebellum.

No way this lady should be allowed to run—>

And this guy can have his practice, but no way is he allowed to hang a shingle–>

Forget about this guy getting a naval ship named after him—>

And I don’t care how much the Philadelphia mayor donates to a college, there will be no Nutter House.




31 Comments on Campus Joke About “Hookers” Concerns State Rep – Time For Her To Look For More Meaningful Work

  1. Is there, literally (and figuratively), anything that doesn’t offend these snowflakes?


    izlamo delenda est …

  2. @Tim – Theoretically, no. They can gin up a way to be offended by anything at all. In case I’m wrong, they’ll still be offended by a deplorable making comments about it. Any kind of comment.

  3. Honest story–my Ob-GYN was Dr. Beaver and my dentist was Dr. DeKay. In the O.R. we had Dr. Slaughter with circulating nurse Maj. Butcher!

  4. OT: This got me thinking about unfortunate last names, and remembered seeing a couple of pieces published some years back. This one at the UK’s Telegraph includes one of my favorites, Barb Dwyer.

  5. @Charlie WalksonWater:

    Is a general hooker much different than a specialist hooker?

    The general hooker will take you around the world, but the specialist will only cruise to Cancun.

  6. And you just know they are not going to talk about the 1000 people (mostly females) who show up every week to take a selfie in front of the building. It’s funny as hell. I’d do it!
    But it’s also a person’s last name so these bitches need to get over themselves and the fact that it was a civil war general. Which is probably what’s bothering them in the first place. The Civil War.
    Idiot crunts.

  7. Politicians, the 2nd oldest profession, has a striking resemblance to the oldest.
    I can see her point, don’t remind people they can be bought with enough cash.

  8. Met a guy once, Harry Beaver, I laughed and said, yeah right.
    He must have been pretty used to the challenge, whipped his drivers license out, yep, Harold Beaver.
    Went to a dentist once, Dr. Smiley.

  9. Gee, McDonalds has a drive thru sign! Should I? What about the people inside I run over? Some people are stupid beyond belief.

  10. General Hooker and Florence Nightingale, the first two people to recognize women’s services to the military. ….

    And yes, nursing was Florence Nightingale’s second profession…..

  11. My surname lends itself to some clever combinations with the right first name, but so far, most family members have practiced restraint and good-taste when naming their offspring.


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