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“Can Joe Come Out And Debate?”

Found this over on The Donald this morning. Watch

In listening to Tammy Bruce yesterday, she indicated speculation is building that the democrats are going to announce their presidential candidate has caught the coronavirus and will have to miss all the debates while sitting out in quarantine.

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  1. If it plays out that way, the claim he can’t debate because of covid, I wonder if people will buy it?

    Or if it will help his numbers or take away from them?

  2. Nothing else that happens in 2020 can surprise me now. Slow Joe would get annihilated in a debate with President Trump so I doubt he will even show up for one of them.

  3. Will Joe have an episode like Hillary did on Sept 11th 2016 that totally disqualifies him. Such a bad face plant it isn’t recoverable. I’m guessing some of that focus group polling suggested voters didn’t like his cognitive issues so they had to get him out there and at the same time suggest Pres Trump of all people has had a series of strokes. This stress is not going to go well. We should bet on which day in September he completely breaks.

  4. If the petrified turd cannot come out and debate because of COVID, then someone needs to sit outside the house with a thermal camera and see who’s doing what inside the house.

  5. Inspires Me of the Scene from “The Warriors” We’re the little Shitweasel

    blames Them for killing Cyrus….Except We could change it to Joe’s Head

    saying “Trump started the Virus”….Then cut to the Scene where Joe gets


  6. Sorry kids, Joe’s got a note from his doctor that says he can’t come out to debate until everybody votes early.

  7. After months hidden away in his basement healing from the Elon Musk brain chip implant Joe was ready to come out and debate. After days of practice receiving information transmissions from GS at Dem headquarters Joe and his handlers were ready. Feeling confident and smiling at himself in the mirror Joe thought…robo Joe,yea just call me robo Joe. Then he heard commencing bed time and everything went black!


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