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Can Someone Smart Review This and State What it Means?

Anyone can read the article HERE

I can’t make heads or tales of the table it links to and what it actually means.

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  1. What it means, is what we already know.

    “Nearly half a million Americans aged 0 to 44 have died after receiving the Covid shots, which were supposed to “protect” them from the virus.”

    Dr. Mengele Fauci Gates.

  2. So if you go to “customize” and and countries and eliminate the first fifteen or so you get the UK and USA included with BIG numbers.

    Still a crap table that is difficult navigate or read.

  3. “This paper shows that the UK spike in deaths, wrongly attributed to COVID-19 in April 2020, was not due to SARS-CoV-2 virus, which was largely absent, but was due to the widespread use of Midazolam injections which were statistically very highly correlated (coefficient over 90 percent) with excess deaths in all regions of England during 2020.”

    “What is midazolam?
    Midazolam is a benzodiazepine (ben-zoe-dye-AZE-eh-peen) that is used to help you relax before having a minor surgery, dental work, or other medical procedure.”

    So why use it on old people suffering from Coof?

    “Midazolam can slow or stop your breathing, especially if you have recently used an opioid medication, alcohol, or other drugs that can slow your breathing. Your caregivers will watch you for symptoms such as weak or shallow breathing.”

    …oh, that’s why. I wonder if any of those old folks were on any opioid based pain therapies, and whether they were monitored?

    Nursing homes dont typically have a lot in the way of heart monitors and telemetry, and even in the absense of opioids giving folks whose lungs are coasting to a stop due to Time respiratory depressants probably isnt a great idea either. And again, this isnt something you give folks just for walking around on, so it does look pretty suspect…

    …I wonder, were we to go to NY or MI and look at the nursing homes they put young Coof patients in with the elderly at,if we’d find Midazolam had been used for no particular reason there as well…

  4. Scroll over to the right all the way for the U.S.

    What does it mean? That those deaths per week are “reported” and connected causally to the COVID vaxxes. I would multiply by at least 1.5.

    The deaths are still going on. The system stinks and should be blown off the planet.

  5. I’ve seen those spreadsheets before. Those are called the XL confuse them with facts and baffle them with bull shit spreadsheets. They have a template for that.

  6. The table I was looking at was EXCESS deaths by week and country. There are two columns per nation; nominal deaths (the actual excess death count per week by nation) and the percentage as compared to the average. I recommend working from the second column of % compared to the average.

    The tables are interactive allowing the viewer to look at excess deaths in previous years as far back as 2020. To get a sense of how many more excess deaths occurred in more recent years (i.e. 2023), I recommend the viewer click on the calendar Year “2023” and go back to “2020.” You’ll find the low percentages of excess death to the average. In some weeks it goes negative which means there were fewer than average excess deaths (a good thing).

    Now go back to 2023 and check that 2nd column again. You’ll see the percentages of excess death as compared to the average running in double digits if not 20 % or more.

    In a nut shells, that’s whole lot more than typical for excess deaths over what should have been expected.

    The table doesn’t indicate the cause, but for a lot of the nations you can examine they were not fighting some awful war or suffering some Act of God (asteroid strike, hurricane or earthquake for etc.), but they did under go mass immunization for COVID-19.

    I’m not claiming correlation is causation, but I would imagine medical statistician or mortality actualities would be able to design studies that would test the hypotheses that it was the COVID-19 vaccination rates that relate to a high probability to those excess deaths.

  7. I think it means that there’s a helluva black swan swooping in soon which will make this seem trivial. And anything like this coming from the OECD sounds like a globalist limited hangout.

  8. All I know is I had a very busy 2021, picking up working age adults who had to pass a physical to get the job up off the cracked concrete floors onto which they collapsed “suddenly”, sometimes in chest pains, sometimes in seizures, somtimes to miscarry, sometimes never to arise again.

    Never before have I seen so many have such problems so close together in such a small population.

    And I have not seen so since.

    …somehow, I dont think that was a coincidence.

  9. ^^^^
    I think they started jabbing placebos when they realized their EUA jabs weren’t doing anything but making people sick or dead, and they knew that the media and the government had a vested interest in covering up their failure. And the beauty of it all is the the EUA allowed them to hide the ingredients. So now you and I both know a lot of people who are just fine after getting jabbed. And we both also know of people who likely keeled over from the jab, too. But nobody talks about it or compares notes because we are too polite or too busy living. And now the waters have been muddied by the secret switch out. That’s just my theory.though.

  10. Brad
    THURSDAY, 23 MAY 2024, 21:34 AT 9:34 PM
    I know a shit ton of people that got the JAB with no side effects.”

    …I know quite a few I thought got away with the Jab, too.

    Then the turbo cancers showed up.

    My own mother was a belever. she got jabbed x 4 and didnt drop.

    Then dementia set in. That was bad.

    Then the turbo cancer showed up. Woman never had a sick day in her life. Cancer free in November, they looked at the hospital, the doctor’s, and on admission to the nursing home.

    Dead of a cancer that normally takes years to develop in Feburary.

    …and shes not the only one I know thats had accelerated illness. Just the one most precious to me.

    I pray to God you are right, that many did cheat the midget Reaper and indeed suffer no ill effects, now and forever.

    But based on all we saw then and know now, I would not take that for granted forever, had I had that administered to me.

    All should guard their health, and that of their loved ones.

    Because the full force of the sickle may be yet to fall.

  11. I’m seeing a few “turbo cancers” show up. They don’t have good results. Are they vax related? Who knows, but healthy people on a death watch in a short period of time makes one wonder.

  12. “I think they started jabbing placebos when they realized their EUA jabs weren’t doing anything but making people sick or dead,”

    I totally agree with that. Remember when they were tracking side effects by release number. One month you’d have a shit load of dead peeps and the next month nothing. In fact there were rumors of placebos shortly after that.

  13. SNS, just learned about a family member today. Regularly goes to the doctor because he has a pacemaker and some other medical issues. He gets complete blood work done once a month, 6 months ago they did a complete scan. One week ago he was having stroke symptoms went to doctor, who immediately sent him to hospital. Scan showed tumors in brain, lungs, throat and liver. Stage 4 cancer. His doctor pushed masks and the jab. So I don’t know if he got boosters or how many, but know for sure he got the first two. He was one who told me how crazy I was for not wearing masks and travelling all over and how stupid I was for not getting a jab.
    Then told me how he had no side effects. It’s very sad and honestly breaks my heart. I’m tired of losing family members over that damn shot. Some were quick, like my Mom, others within a year. Now I’m scared it’s going to be more phone calls with this kind of news. Of course none of them will ever think it’s the shot and no doctor will ever tell them and of course I’m not going to say it. It’s too late now and they wouldn’t listen to me before they got it.

  14. Ed Dowd, Naomi Wolf, Robert Malone, Alex Berenson… They all seem pretty smart. Maybe they have some articles or videos on the subject…

    Meanwhile, my question is why, with numerous agencies collecting more data than ever before and computers being able to crunch numbers faster than ever, is 2022 the most recent year for which statistics are available? Weird, huh? Kinda like how it takes longer to declare the winners in elections now that votes are tabulated by computers instead of by hand.

  15. Old Racist White Woman
    FRIDAY, 24 MAY 2024, 0:56 AT 12:56 AM

    ORWW, my heart goes out to you for your losses, and the more for this terrible news. Losing a loved one is bad enough, thinking it should have never happened is worse, but the constant worry for those who at risk is the worst of all.

    All I can say is to put it in God’s hands, and know that whatever happens here cannot corrupt your loved ones in Heaven, and that all their murderous ways can do is reunite your dearest with their Lord.

    And know this; those that did this will not escape His Justice.

    And He cannot be blackmailed or bought.

    Dear Lord, please touch this woman and this family in their hour of need. Please comfort them that it lies not within the power of evil to kill the souls that He has created, and that those they love are alive with You forever, and there will be a wonderful reunion one day in a place that knows no darkness.

    And Lord, please touch her loved one that is suffering, numb his pain, walk around his bedside as his Ultimate Physician, guide the hands and minds of his healers to be able to fulfill Your will, and speak to him of Your Kingdom that he may be right with You no matter what happens, that you may give all the Blessed Assurance that he will continue with You, safe at last from all hurt, harm, or danger forever and ever, Amen.

    God Bless,


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